Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Salesforce.Com Mobile Chatter Gets Upgraded With The Version Four

Revolutionizing the way of on-go collaboration, Salesforce mobile Chatter app successfully delivered what it had promised. Now, moving a step ahead, Salesforce is soon to live the fourth version of its Mobile Chatter Application, most likely on 29th July. Chatter Mobile is a no charge app and at the time of launch, it will be available for iOS devices only and the Android support, probably, will be out later this year. 
Like other flagship software of Salesforce, this new app is also going to be a high tech collaboration software that will facilitate the users to have a more smooth and advance way of viewing, retrieving and writing back data to the core CRM (customer relationship management) system.
This fourth version will be new in light of the fact that it will not just allow the users to read Salesforce records such as Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Contacts, etc. but will also allow them to edit those. The new feature will endow the Chatter mobile users with the power to edit Salesforce.com records that can be customer-service cases, sales leads or others. 
The second key feature of the latest version will be the users’ accessibility to Salesforce.com dashboards main CRM application through Chatter mobile. Custom Actions can be counted as the third key feature that will allow the administrators to create new workflows. Means, the administrator will be able to do tasks like put an inventory request, approve a job candidate and add them to the Chatter mobile interface. Custom Actions are likely to be a very helpful tool facilitating users to have advantages like of "micro-moments" This will enable them to get their real work done on the go itself, instead of waiting to come back to the desk for getting things done.

Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Most Beautiful Apps On Android

Apps that offer functionality on a simple and easy-to-use interface are not only a pleasant to use but also comfort the eyes. Google has released its list of most beautiful apps on the Android marketplace. The Beautiful Design Summer 2013 Collection has a few well-known faces, along with some new starters, each with simple and deluxe interfaces. Check out the 10 most beautiful Android apps…

Developed by Lucas Rocha, Pattrn is a free wallpaper app with access to a huge repository of colourful patterns for each day of the week. Users can download and share these 
patterns, depending on colour and keyword.

Eye In The Sky

Eye In The Sky is a weather app with features like four widgets, expandable notifications and DashClock extension. The app is ad-supported, though users can opt for the paid version in order to get rid of the advertisements.


Pocket is a content aggregation app by Read It Later, which allows users to save articles, videos, web pages etc to view them later. This free app syncs the content across laptops, tablets and phones.


Timer by Opoloo is a paid timer app that depicts the interface in Holo aesthetics. Users can save unlimited number of timers, with customized labels, and back them up with their Google accounts.

Grand St

Grand St is an app that showcases well-designed hardware products that its team has picked out and tested, with one new device listed each day. The app describes the design, functionality, user experience and price of the products it lists.


Pinterest is a social media app that allows users to pin pictures of things they like on a virtual board. They can collect and share these photos under various labels, including music, travel etc and also follow others via social networking logins.

Press Reader (RSS)

Press is a simple RSS feed collection app that curates data from sources like Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin etc. This app does not have ads and boasts of features like vertical and horizontal swiping, background syncing, offline reading, image zooming and DashClock extension.


Expedia Hotels and Flights, the app version of the popular travel booking website, brings all the features that it is famous for on the mobile screen. It allows users to find and book hotels as well as flights, along with deals and discounts.


Social news aggregation app Flipboard boasts of a magazine-style layout that enables users to flip through news and articles on the mobile screen.


The mobile app of TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conferences provides users access to videos and audio clips of talks given by prominent business gurus, educationists, artists, doctors etc.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Fibre Optic Technology To Boost Internet Bandwidth

A new fiber optic technology could increase Internet bandwidth capacity by sending data along light beams that twist like a tornado rather than move in a straight line.

The new technology operates using round, rather than vertical laser beams, resulting in a twisting movement that can increase the capacity of bandwidth as internet traffic increases through the use of smartphones, tablets and other internet-enabled devices, that has begun to create problems for network providers.

Traditionally, bandwidth has been enhanced by increasing the number of colours, or wavelengths of data-carrying laser signals -- essentially streams of 1s and 0s -- sent down an optical fibre, where the signals are processed according to colour.

For several decades since optical fibres were deployed, the conventional assumption has been that OAM-carrying beams are inherently unstable in fibres.

Unlike the colours, however, data streams of 1s and 0s from different modes mix together; determining which data stream came from which source requires computationally intensive and energy-hungry digital signal processing algorithms.

Researchers approach combines both strategies, packing several colours into each mode, and using multiple modes. Including the use of such beams for enhancing data capacity in fibers.

Researchers created an OAM fibre with four modes (an optical fibre typically has two), and showed that for each OAM mode, they could send data through a 1km fibre in 10 different colours, resulting in a transmission capacity of 1.6 terabits per second. or the equivalent of transmitting eight Blu-Ray DVDs every second.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Oracle releases HTML5-focused Java EE 7

The latest version of enterprise Java is meant to be 'the ultimate platform for building HTML5 and mobile apps-

Oracle officially introduced its completed implementation of Java Platform, EE (Enterprise Edition) 7, focused on HTML5 applications, developer fruitfulness, and enterprise postulations. Developers can download the SDK for Java EE 7.
The enterprise-grade edition of Java is mainly deployed on servers; EE 7 features include JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) help for data movement, and WebSocket communications, both providing for HTML5 application development. This is the ultimate platform for building HTML5 and mobile apps.
Java EE 7 brings this widely used enterprise framework to the modern age of HTML5 and also brings important improvement in developer productivity that will have windfalls in code quality. In this age of the polyglot programmer, Java EE 7 will allow Java to remain one of the most widely deployed technologies for server applications on the planet.
JavaServer Faces 2.2 capabilities in Java EE 7 add HTML5-friendly markup support. Batch programming capabilities, intended for long-running tasks, support enterprise-scale applications, while concurrency utilities provide higher throughput.
For developer productivity, EE 7 offers easier-to-use APIs, such as Java Message Service 2.0 and the simplified JMS API reduces the need for a lot of boilerplate code. Tooling support for Java EE 7 can be found in the NetBeans IDE and Eclipse.