Friday, December 25, 2015

Re-Engagement of users: Going beyond the Fundamentals

The present universe of the mobile app usage, downloads and engagement is totally different from from what it used to be just a few months back. As application downloads and installs are no longer prerequisites for determining an app’s success, makers of application along with the marketers are searching for new strategies in order to connect with users. For the purpose of retaining the users, there is a need to effectively implement the strategies of user engagement. Moreover, Re-engaging the users at the same time.  

When it comes to Re-engagement, it refers to a set of technologies or practices that are able to identify users who have downloaded an app and present them with special services or offers pursuing them to make use of application more often.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Your Business Needs to Consider these Mobile App Development Trends

The Mobile app development industry is booming at the speed of light and applications have become an indispensable part of the digital universe. We can all feel the pervasive presence of these apps around us every second. That’s why it has become mandatory to stay abreast with the  latest trends of mobile app development.

Below are top  mobile app development trends in the market:

Rapid Rise of Mobile Development

With the increasing demands of mobile apps, businesses are trying their level best to introduce services and products at a rate faster than others. The primary aim for a Mobile Application Development Company would be to minimize the development life cycle duration and shorten the time gap between the formulation of the idea and its deployment. For this reason, fast paced app development tools and frameworks are expected to show up in the market.

Cloud Driven

App developers are focusing more on the ability of integration and synchronization of the applications on multiple devices.  Here, in order to assist the developers build functionality cloud approach is often utilized.

Payments and M-Commerce, Payment and Mobile Banking

According to recent surveys, nineteen percent of commercial sales are generated through tablets or smartphones.  Transfer of money or purchase of products using a cell phone is becoming quite common as using of credit or debit cards. It indicates that, whether these are Android App Developers

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boost your Business with Clavax

Is your business not progressing as expected? No need to worry. Give a boost to your business today with Clavax Technologies!

Clavax Technologies is a prominent web, software and mobile application development company based in San Jose, California. Its first class services are supported by a solid group of 200+ profoundly gifted experts to convey imaginative, secure and adaptable IT solutions for our customers. Clavax go about as your technology accomplices by comprehending your business challenges and applying state-of-art engineering technologies to provide inventive IT solutions.

What Services do they provide?
Business & Technology Consulting
Clavax monitors developing business sector patterns and executes changes to make your business more agile and productive with its business and IT specialists. It involves the alignment of a company’s competencies and core goals across discrete and personnel operating units, information systems and processes.
Web Application Services
Adjust to changing necessities and expand the ROI of your applications with Clavax’s business-basic applications that are intended to enhance productivity and execution.
Big Data and Analytics
Unleash your business potential and include noteworthy insights making use of Big Data Analytics Solutions.

Friday, December 11, 2015

GoodFirms Spotlights Clavax Technologies as an Efficient Application Developer

GoodFirms pioneering research aims at putting forth an assortment of the best and most accomplished application development companies from across the world, so as to connect the service seekers with the best suited development partners.

Working persistently towards the aim to recognize and put forth the best application developers, GoodFirms has spotted another charmer, Clavax Technologies. This company from California with over four years of experience, craftsmanship and skills has turned out as a new face for application development and stand as an efficient developer in GoodFirms Research.

In order to understand what is so unique about their way of doing work, GoodFirms connected with three of their clients and conducted a one-on-one interview to review how Clavax delivered on their projects. All the three client references and details were provided by Clavax and the reviews were conducted by GoodFirms’ inhouse team. During the review, their clients stated that Clavax has good project management capabilities and their team of developers is quite well versed. They cited Clavax as a dependable and reliable development partner that looks after all their development needs. They cited Clavax to be a transparent company with a well delineated project delivery process.

The clients reviewed were mostly startups and medium-sized enterprises who utilized Clavax’s resources to develop web and mobile applications related to various categories including ecommerce, lifestyle, education and other business services categories. Besides these, Clavax has done plentiful projects in categories like financial services, social networking, media & entertainment as well. They offer web and mobility solutions from application design and development to testing and support services to their clients.

GoodFirms thoroughly inspected their industry experience, market presence, technical expertise, and client ratings and reviews to derive their overall score. Their ratings have been fairly good which made GoodFirms Research spot them as an efficient application development firm. 

Driving on performance, agility and quality, Clavax Technologies has successfully delivered to their clients’ requirements. Their ratings on GoodFirms’ three scale criteria- Quality, Reliability and Ability in application development, have been satisfactory, which clearly shows their agile approach towards application development.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a transparent and distinctive research platform that serves to reduce the gap between the service seekers and the service providers of software development so that they can to put their best foot forward. GoodFirms research is a blend of the new client review process and the well established industry-wide review & ranking process that helps you jump several notches higher and multiply your industry wide value and credibility.

Friday, November 20, 2015

10 Seconds, 10 Hacks to Engaging App Users

Imagine a world where you have instant access to every necessary activity, for example going to the DMV. You walk up to the counter; a friendly person greets you and is ready to help – all in less than 10 seconds. The result – you walk away with a sense of accomplishment besides having strong positive vibes towards the DMV.

An application is the easiest, most accessible and fastest way for your customers to interact with you, complete tasks or engage for/ with a service. The user looks for apps that are not only capable of meeting their expectations, but are able to offer an efficient as well as streamlined experience. However, the 10 seconds that took you to engage with the DMV are like an eternity to the app user. These very ten seconds can differentiate between a loyal and a one-time user. Even the statistics point towards this wide gap in expected consumer engagement. Studies show that if a user has not returned even after 7 days, 60% chances are they will never return while 20% users only open an app once. The point – the window for app engagement is very small.

What are the best options with you that can at least ensure, if not guarantee, user engagement within 10 seconds? We find out in this post with 10 points to optimize app engagement features.

1. A glitch-free, seamless performance enabling the user to interact with the app within the first 10 seconds of launching is critical to maintaining their confidence in the app.

2. Including an introductory mini-orientation for the users that highlight the important features of the application allows them to interact and engage for longer.

3. Offer the option to create an account for the most essential activities for both users and non-users. Abstain from adding a mandatory account or profile creation activities for all users as most of the download apps to ‘test’ features on the go.

4. Giving users the choice of either opting-in or out of push notifications allows them to not only verify the credibility of your app, but also establishes an immediate trust factor. Although 68% app users have push notifications enabled and 70% derive value out of it, they might prefer engaging with such notifications on their own terms.

5. Catering to customized and targeted segments

Friday, November 6, 2015

Turning Data into Insights

Insightful information derived from organizational as well as non-organizational data is empowering businesses to increase productivity, expand the range and quality of services while gaining an edge over their competitors.

According to an Accenture report, 89% of the business leaders believe that big data will revolutionize operations the way the Internet did while 79% are of the belief that companies that do not implement data analytics solutions might lose their competitive advantage or face extinction. As referenced in the same study, big data analytics solutions

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

5 Best Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

The demand for an omni-channel mobile experience has considerably increased and so has the market for cross-platform enterprise-ready mobile applications. It is highly imperative that the applications developed today are scalable and robust, besides being accessible across devices with varied dimensions, screen sizes and platforms. We list five of the best cross-platform mobile application development tools:
  1. Xamarin
With a record-breaking investment of $45 million, Xamarin is slowly and strengthening its hold in the hybrid application development segment. With the new cross-platform IDE, Xamarin Studio allows Android app developers

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Increase App User Engagement?

According to a Forrester research, “great apps”, as perceived by business leaders, generated 79% more in advertising and sales revenue than the “good apps”. The study also observed that “great apps” offer greater cost savings. So, what factors ensure the success of a mobile app? How can the visibility of apps increase in their respective app stores? What drives users to engage with a particular app more than other apps? Why some applications are downloaded in millions while others barely once?

The crux of the matter here is visibility – the more the number of users who view the app, more the number of downloads and more are the purchases!

In order to ensure that the app is easily discoverable in the stores, the Android app development company

Friday, October 16, 2015

Do You Need an App for Your Real Estate Business?

Picture this:

You are in 1964 and you need to look for properties. What do you do? You get a copy of your local newspaper and scan through advertisements. The percentage of people who scanned through newspaper or print ads was a mere 40% while 7% drove around looking for open houses.

Fast forward to 2014 and the scenario flips over!

For a generation that strives on the efficiency and effectiveness of a connected digital environment, how has the house-hunt changed gears over half a century? Research suggests that websites accounted for 84% home searches while apps or mobile searches accounted for 50% of the home searches; searches for open houses have gone up to 44%.

How has the advancements in technology over the years changed the real estate market? Do you need a web or a mobile app to enhance consumer engagement? Can an online real estate software company

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why Integrate Architecture with Data Analytics?

Having a large pool of enterprise data and being able to derive business value from the same data are two very different things. While the availability of such volumes of datasets is no surprise for large enterprises, the access, analysis and manipulation may require some deliberation. However, despite the advancements in technology and computing infrastructure over the years, there are still numerous legacy system architectures in place, making it difficult for enterprises to accumulate data from silos.

This is why the effectiveness of implementing big data analytics solutions relies on the ability of the enterprise to automatically and effortlessly integrate data collected from multiple sources.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Enhancing E-Commerce with Integrated Marketing

Managing your content along with your marketing campaigns becomes easier with the latest release of Kentico version 8.2. With this release, the Kentico content management provider has further strengthened their integrated services segment. The latest iteration of the system includes enhancements targeted at further enhancing the users’ experiences with improved e-commerce and integrated marketing. In the words of the company’s CTO, Martin Hejtmanek, “we moved the platform to a whole new level by covering a lot of hot topics for developers, but we have also redesigned the whole UI to better match the current needs of less technical users, and improved the overall user experience.” 

The focus has been on empowering marketers to develop and deliver the right messages at the right instances through the digital channel. Here are a few prominent enhancements that marketers can implement for improving their brand marketing processes.

1. SharePoint Synchronization

The streamlined SharePoint Integrator ensures bi-directional ease-of-use for content publishers, making it effortless to share content from Kentico to SharePoint and vice versa, without having to switch screens. Users can display lists, files, document libraries and picture galleries using the built-in SharePoint connector with the Kentico enterprise Content Management System.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rewarding Customers with a Mobile Loyalty Program

More than ever, business enterprises are facing a tough time in keeping their customers engaged with their products. In this era of smartphones and connected mobile devices, the customers are highly informed and have this uncanny ability to switch brands if they are unsatisfied with the service offerings. In light of such developments, delivering highly personalized and engaging consumer experience remains the key to retaining new customers while formulating and laying strategies to acquire new ones.

Loyalty programs for customers developed by mobile app development companies are now widely viewed as a tool to enhance customer engagement, besides empowering businesses to strengthen their relationships with their customers. The availability of loyalty programs for customers in the form of mobile apps invariably makes the task easier for businesses to connect with their consumers. These mobile apps for loyalty programs enable consumers to receive:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Increasing Real Estate Productivity with a Mobile App

For an industry that is always on the move, time is of essence and efficiency is paramount.

With the increasing number of online searches for properties on the web, real estate businesses too need to adapt their businesses to keep pace with the evolving consumers’ demands and requirements. The widespread adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices has further fueled this requirement, which implies that users can now connect with your business or services with a tap on the screens. Why having an app for your real estate business should be your next top priority? How can the app facilitate and enhance productivity for your business? Read on to find out.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Capturing Fragmented Audiences with Kentico Integrated Marketing

For businesses to deliver a consistent consumer experience across all channels, they need to unify their brand identity, besides improving on their response times. The Kentico content management system offers a set of easy-to-use, sophisticated set of tools that allow businesses and marketers to quickly launch or manage marketing activities across multiple channels from a single user dashboard.

The Kentico CMS system offers an integrated marketing solution to users and developers that include features and functionalities like the ones mentioned below:

Friday, September 4, 2015

The Key Performance Indicators for Your Mobile App

The development of any new iOS app starts with the lock-down of the functionalities and feature-set for building a successful MVP. However, the measure of success for any application depends on some set of pre-determined parameters, usually categorized as Key Performance Indicators. The primary KPIs for any app owner depends on the goals of the business along with factors like whether they are trying to connect to more users, retain existing users or create a segment of paying consumers.

App development for an iOS app development company surpasses many verticals, spread across multiple cross-sectional industries. One of the steps to build solid user base is to set apart a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for acquiring users:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What are the Drivers for Higher Conversion Rates?

For 56% of the marketers, higher engagement rates and responses are the prime reasons to create personalized content, as referenced in a poll run by CMO Council, stated in a report by eMarketer.

The consumer of today is highly informed and for businesses to acquire as well as retain such consumers is a tough task, especially for ecommerce ventures. Data analytics, for most online retail ventures, have already begun to play an important role in determining the consumer journey, in analyzing the buyers’ shopping carts or their buying behaviors. The implementation of big data analytics solutions

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are Your Loyalty Programs doing what they’re Supposed to Do?

The theoretical logic behind the application of loyalty programs is to motivate customers to stay dedicated to the retail businesses. However, for most business enterprises, it does not necessarily turn out that way. They struggle in the creation of unique and relevant programs to promote their brand and in building brand affinity, particularly due to the lack of insights on the customers’ buying patterns. Despite having multiple loyalty programs in place, they fail to convert one-time buyers into repeat purchasers. According to a SAS Insights study, the effectiveness of loyalty programs is only marginal – 6.5 out of 10. It might be right to infer that an increase in the number of loyalty programs is in some way creating unintended consequences for the retail businesses.

The retailers aiming to create a unified consumer experience need to focus on leveraging the overall experience of customers across all channels before utilizing/ implementing loyalty solutions in consumer retention activities. However, for most retail businesses, consumer data resides in segregated and isolated sales, marketing and support silos, making it difficult to generate a holistic view of the customer, thereby failing to present a unified experience. The application of big data analytics solutions

Friday, August 21, 2015

App Development with the Debut of Android M

The final preview for Android’s newest version is out and keeping with the convention of a confectionery-themed name, this version is termed Marshmallow or Android M in short. This preview also marks the debut of the official Android SDK version 6.0, which offers developers the option of publishing apps on Google Play targeting API level 23.

What’s New in this Update?

The Android SDK version 6.0 offers the latest build tools along with the final APIs targeting API level 23 in Android M. With this, the Android app developers can update their compileSdkVersion app projects to level 23 and test their applications on the new platform. Updating to Android support library can facilitate Android app developers

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Future of Consumer Personalization

A Venture Beat study states that the Amazon recommendation engine is responsible for generating 35% of their revenues. Personalization is currently the most favored trend and e-tailers need to formulate strategies that enable them to increase their revenues generated from it.

For ecommerce businesses of today, the margin of permissible error in implementing consumer engagement strategies has drastically reduced with the available technologies and analytics platforms. Consumer personalization has transformed into an inherent aspect of acquiring new customers as well as in retargeting lost or old consumers. What exactly is personalization and what impact does it have on the ecommerce industry? How and what sort of strategies can an ecommerce website implement to offer their visitors or returning consumers with a highly personalized customer experience? Let’s find out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Creating Landmarks in the IT Services Segment

Clavax Technologies LLC, a leading IT consulting, services and solutions organization has been recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising IT Services Companies 2015” by siliconinida. The online technology news portal and magazine strives to create a platform where techies and professionals in general can share their thoughts, knowledge and experiences with fellow professionals. Silicon India recognizes IT organizations that have made inroads into the technology services sector with their contributions towards making this world a more connected place.

The company, headquartered in the city of San Jose, California, has been successful in formulating as well as implementing end-to-end technology solutions for a globally diverse clientele functioning in varied industry verticals. With services ranging from web, mobile and software development to big data and custom development options, the company does indeed have a wide area of expertise. Moreover, the development teams along with the system architecture specialists are adept at gauging the market trends and user expectations from a particular app or service implementation. This recognition as one of the top 20 most promising IT companies comes at a highly crucial time, when the company is in garnering appreciation for its work. The success of the company can further be attributed to this aspect, in part, particularly because to create a landmark for itself in such a short span requires not just the right skills, but its proper execution as well.

To view the list of the 20 most promising IT services companies of 2015, please visit this link:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Big Data Analytics To Power Enterprise Mobility

With the enterprises deviating from their standard connectivity measures, the workforces are empowered to work while on the move. Enterprise mobility is witnessing the rise of the BYOD phenomenon with the widespread proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices at the workplace and life, in general. However, this empowerment does come at a price – security and risks in such a mobile environment are paramount. Stringent security measures should be in place to ensure that enterprise data is safe and risks to security or data breaches is minimal.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Customers: The Last Word

Customers play a vital role in the rise or fall of a business venture. The customer experience offered by a retail venture is what sets successful businesses apart from the rest. Studies reveal that it costs businesses about 6-7 times more to acquire a new consumer as compared to retaining an existing consumer. Additionally, companies that prioritize consumer experiences reportedly register 60% more in profits. The consumer does get to have the last word! Why do we say so? This is because a company’s 20 percent loyal consumers are responsible for being the contributors to 80% of the company’s revenues.

At the turn of the decade, as the world witnessed the emergence of smartphones and with more than 6 billion units sold today, retail enterprises have the task of retaining their existing consumers while they acquire new ones. The customer loyalty solutions are the result of a highly novel and intelligent marketing strategy adopted by the business enterprises to connect more with their customers.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Integrity is the Key to Sustainability

An average offline real estate transaction by a traditional buyer takes about 6 weeks to close as compared to a mere 2.2 weeks taken by an online buyer. For sustaining a business in the virtual space, it takes more than just a website with a good interface or user experience. In today’s times, every industry in the economy is undergoing a fundamental shift in the way they function, an aspect further enhanced by the widespread advancements and adoption of technology. Similar is the case with the real estate industry, where technology now leads the transformation. However, with the emergence of an online identity for all forms of businesses, the viability for long-term success is sustenance. Maintaining the integrity of a venture is another crucial element to strike out potential competition.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Advantages of Developing Android Apps

 The Android operating system is a Linux-based mobile operating system with the largest installed user base. At 53% device market share and 1.5 million (and counting!) available apps in the Play store, Android-powered devices have managed to create a strong stranglehold on the mobile devices market. One factor contributing to the exceptional rise of Android as the most preferred mobile operating systems is it being open source and freely available to app developers. The open source code along with the development tools enable developers to freely create and distribute their applications on the app store.

In addition to being an open source system, Android app development is highly cost effective as well. The Android app developers hardly need to install any additional hardware infrastructure for their app development endeavors. Its relatively low barrier to entry further enhances the return on investments by considerable numbers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Untethering the Enterprise: Developing Enterprise Mobility Apps

$330 billion is the current worth of the enterprise software market and is all set to soar higher! However, business enterprises are still in the process of realizing the full potential of a mobile workforce. The dawn of the digital era has brought about a fundamental shift in the way businesses implement as well as utilize enterprise mobility solutions. This rapidly rising graph of the smartphone and other smart devices adoption has reached even the conventionally non-mobile segments of the workforce. This, in turn, has led to the disappearance of the consumer-business divide, necessitating enterprises to revamp and restructure their existing processes to harness the power of mobile.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Hidden Costs of In-house App Development

Developing a mobile application involves more than just the costs outlined by the technical specifications for a converting a killer idea into a quantifiable reality. There are a whole lot of hidden costs if app development is in-house, further fuelling the long-standing debate between the pros and cons of outsourcing versus in-house. So what does an in-house application development entail?

1. The first stage of incurring additional investments arises in the form of hiring and setting up a team of developers that encompasses the 24/7 remuneration for employees.

2. However, the investments do not end with the hiring of a bunch of developers. In order to build a cohesive and effective team of app developers, designers and project managers, the businesses are required to spend funds in training them as well.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Re-engaging Users: Going Beyond the Initial Installation

The current ecosystem for mobile application downloads, engagement and usage is very much different from what it used be just a year back. With app downloads and installs no longer a metric to determine the success of the app, app makers as well as marketers need to change their strategies of connecting with users. Studies show that almost 80 to 90% of the mobile apps are used just once before being removed from the system. The key to retaining users lays in the effective implementation of user engagement strategies, including the need to re-engage their users.

Re-engagement implies a set of practices or technologies that can identify users who have downloaded an application and presenting them with offers or services prompting them to use the app more often. If the users have stopped using the app after a specific duration of time, these very offers or entitlements or offers act as an incentive to the user to use the app again. For re-engaging the customers with an app, a web development company California can either implement in-app messaging or push notification services.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Latest Trends in Big Data Arena

With the buzz around “big data” only increasing over the years, we find out how well organizations are catching up with data and vice versa. We look at some of the recent trends that are doing the rounds in the enterprise world of big data adoption and implementation.

1. The market for big data is growing – the $7 billion estimated market cap way back in 2011 is set to grow over $61 billion by 2020 and $84 billion by 2026. It indicates a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 17% spread over the 15-year duration, starting 2011.

2. Despite the rising awareness about the advantages of implementing and adopting big data analytics solutions, the success rate of its implementations is still ineffective. While there are only 27% (1 out of 4) enterprises that have successfully managed to execute their big data strategies, 24% enterprises have either not implemented or do not plan to do so. In addition, there are 13% organizations with full-scale production of big data, 35% in partial production and 29% are in the stage of doing a POC.

3. Two-thirds issues hindering the effective implementation of big data analytics solutions are processes (or people) and not the technology concerning it. There are quite a few additional common issues like:

Friday, June 19, 2015

The 5 Essential Analytics for Optimizing App Performance

At 3 million (and counting) mobile apps in leading apps stores along with 2 billion smartphone users, it becomes an uphill task to ensure that an app is discoverable in the app stores, at the very least. Although the app development process takes up a lot of resources and time, it is just the beginning. There has to be a short as well as long-term marketing plan that would chart the post-launch roadmap for ensuring product success. In addition to the app marketing strategies, regular tracking and monitoring of various parameters like downloads, user engagement, conversion rates, etc are very much necessary.

Pooling resources with a web development California company and the right kind of analytics, it becomes a lot easier to determine the possible areas of optimizing performance. Here are the five essentials to enhancing mobile app performance:

1. Monitor user behavior and demographics to evaluate how the application is converting with users. A mobile application development company can offer effectual insights on the latest market trends along with user behavior.

2. Measure the current financial goals and generate inferences as to what would work best in the future.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Real Estate Software Solutions to Enhance Online Presence

real estate software solutions

Like every other business, real estate too has found a stronghold on the web and now, the Internet powers most of the initial searches for properties and plots. With the current generation of connected users, real estate businesses can find it extremely challenging to generate revenues if they are not available on the virtual space, yet! Statistics like 90% of home searches now occur on the web, while 89% consumers use their smartphones for pulling up information on listings and properties indicate just how important the web has become. However, real estate businesses have a hard time figuring out the right approach in establishing a successful web application.

To ensure that your real estate business makes an effective online presence, you can enlist the services of a web development company California. They can either optimize your existing website to include more user engagement features like enhanced search & listings, CMS/ CRM implementations, buyer-seller interactions, etc or build an entirely new one comprising these features.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Changing Paradigms of Mobile UI Design

With every update of the Android and iOS operating systems, multiple changes in terms of app design or development can be observed, especially the design principles. Moreover, the ever-evolving device hardware and product requirements make it only prudent that web along with app designers not only adapt to this change, but implement it as well.

1. Material Design is the newest design language for the Android platform that makes use of layered interfaces, floating action buttons, and interesting animations in response to a user activity. Although, originally launched for the Android platform, Material now extends to other platforms like iOS and Windows as well.
2. Motion design has been around for quite some time, but they were primarily a part of advertisements, music videos or movie intros. It is however, now used for refining the user interface as a way of delighting the users for an action they have taken.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five Crucial Features of Selecting a Content Management System

 Kentico development

If your website features high volumes of data and information or if you are in the process of launching a content-rich website, it would be ideally a feasible solution to integrate a CMS into it. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind while selecting and integrating the same. We list the 5 crucial features to look into while selecting a content management system for your web enterprise project:
  • Performance and scalability are two intrinsic requirements of any project. The website should not only be recording optimal performance, but it should also be scalable if the need arises at some point in the future. Caching a page at multiple levels is an effecite way of improving performance.
  • Extensibility and Integration implies that the CMS effortlessly integrates with other technologies as well as systems. The ready-to-use connectors are an effective solution for extending the usability of the system while at the same time significantly reducing development times.
  • Multisite Support has become quite a popular requirement nowadays, given that website are no longer limited to just a single corporate website. Most organizations often have online stores, blogs, intranets, community websites and at least a few microsites targeting specific segments of users. With Kentico, enterprises get to design and deploy multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Friday, May 29, 2015

5 reasons to move real estate business online

By this time, your business should already have made its virtual way into the digital world of mobile and web apps. However, if you are not there already, it is high time you thought of implementing a mobile-centric business strategy for your real estate services. A mobile or a web application ensures that your business is accessible to the tech-savvy millennial population.

Here are five reasons (statistics) affirming why you should utilize/ incorporate/ implement online real estate software solutions for your business:

1.    The mobile and web usage by millennials for real estate has increased 81% and 30%, over a period of May, 2013 to July 2014, respectively.

2.    Mobile devices accounted for 44% of the searches for one or other form of real estate services.

3.    Of the half of the total millennial population in the U.S. that visited a real estate website in July 2014, thirty-six percent of those were accessed from mobile devices. The numbers indicate that millennials are twice as likely, if not more, to explore information on real estate on mobile devices.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Material Design and its 4 Principles

A new language for interface design termed the “Material Design”, was the outcome of Google’s Project Kennedy and Holo. The main objective of this new design paradigm was to replace esthetically anti-pleasant interfaces of older Android versions with a consistent view across all devices with varying screen sizes. Basically evolving from Holo, the Material Design concept aims to be the one single decree binding all Android app developers as well as designers. Let’s find out the four main elements of Material Design.

1.    Tactile Surface:

The structure of this latest design language for Android development comprises tangible layers or objects in the form of “sheets” of “quantum paper”, also called layers in general. These so-called layers follow the general laws of physics, in essence that they can essentially be thought of as 3-D orientations with x, y, and z-axes. They can be stacked, aligned at varying heights or can connect and stretch, casting shadows that distinguish one from the other with respect to their relative positioning. The shadows enable users to understand their interface in a better way!

2.    Print Design:

It can very well be just another fancy substitute for digital ink! Having established that material design is nothing but “sheets of quantum paper”, so in effect everything placed on these sheets is digital ink. The two aspects of print design – font and typography – are vital elements in defining the structure of content along with the identity of the application.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Putting your Enterprise in Motion, the App-way

A recent analytics report from comScore suggests that of the 187.5 million smartphones owners in the U.S, Apple OEMs with a market share of 42.6 percent rank the highest among subscribers. In addition, as the mobile device users outgrow the number of desktops - in terms of both the hardware and activities – mobile apps are no longer an option they are a priority. The mobile application has become a formidable source for increasing visibility for businesses, making them an effective channel for digital marketing.

To reiterate the value of the aforementioned numbers, here are a few benefits of developing an iPhone app for a business:

1.    First off, an app presents a more personalized way of connecting to your consumers. A brand can leverage their mobile presence by drawing inferences from the fact that an average American spends more than 2 hours of the day on their mobile devices.

2.    By integrating push notifications into the basic functionality of the apps, a business can present highly customized content to the users while ensuring that it is available at their fingertips.

3.    Users usually prefer a fuss-free mobile experience and collaborating with any iPhone app development company can be a viable initiative for the businesses to ensure the same. 

4.    Mobile applications are also another form of engaging consumers. As a business, customer loyalty is an important asset for driving traffic and improving your ROIs (returns on investments).

As a mobile application development company, Clavax Technologies has the requisite resource and experience in delivering a superior mobile app solution to clients from varied industrial sectors. The team of iPhone app developers in the company is highly proactive in the sense that market trends and the latest technologies are the basis for developing a high-end iPhone app.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Data Analytics – Facts-based Strategic Reforms

Research and analytics have assumed a prominent role as enterprises move towards the implementation of data-driven initiatives in their decision-making processes and strategies. Surveys have indicated a 125% increase in the number of organizations implementing data analytics solutions in 2015, as compared to the past year. Besides, the data investments deployed by enterprises have also gone up to $13.8 million. The enterprises that implement analytics can invariably discover deeper connections in their existing or incoming set of raw information accumulated from multiple data channels.

Big data and analytics solutions have never been more important than now as organizations implement a predictive analytics model to leverage their ROIs from their competitors. It has become a top priority for most organizations, as can be inferred from a research suggesting 27% companies consider it a top priority for their business. An enterprise incorporating big data and analytics solutions while formulating decisions or strategic reforms can further quantify the output of their marketing campaigns, customer experiences, and in general, their overall improvement.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The 5 Factors Defining Successful Mobile Apps

The iOS platform has reportedly managed to generate revenues to the tune of half a billion dollars driven by its 1.2 million apps and related in-app purchases. There are numerous factors affecting revenues, however, we try to highlight five factors pertaining to the success of a mobile application.

These five key points include factors that are responsible driving traffic to your exceptionally built iPhone apps: 
  • The end users matter a lot when it comes to the success of an app, because it’s the users who dictate the terms of an app’s success, to an extent! A user is most likely to recommend an app to a friend if that application manages to provide them with a smooth navigation along with an interactive user interface. On the other hand, the same users are likely to uninstall their application if they encounter frequent crashes and performance issues.
  • An engaging user interface goes a long way in ensuring that users access the right performance and functionality at the right time. As per a report from Forrester, 40% consumers place high values on improved user experiences.
  • Businesses need to analyze, understand and manage the inherent costs related to developing the app. They can apply statistical tools to identify the major areas
  • Optimization is yet another vital tool contributing towards the success of an application – one factor applies to all segments of the development process right from design, coding, costs and usage.
An iPhone app development company can offer insights on not only the technical aspects of a mobile development project, but also on its monetizing aspects as well. Clavax Technologies is a San Jose, California based company specializing in mobile application development offering services in the design as well of development of high-end applications for the iOS platform.

Friday, May 8, 2015

How can E-Retailers Leverage Big Data?

Mobile has become the primary mode of engagement for most users nowadays and enterprises are only beginning to understand the importance of a mobile-centric consumer engagement model. The ecommerce industry, specifically speaking, is making its way into offering a mobile-friendly user experience for their consumers. Further validating the rise of e-retailers is statistics from ComScore, indicating a 14% rise in digital revenue to $268.5 billion (U.S), of which mobile commerce jumped 28% to contribute $31.6 billion. These e-retailers have either a mobile website or native mobile application for their products, catering to their mobile consumers.

The online retailers are also leveraging the value of big data and analytics solutions to present their customers with a highly customized shopping experience based on their browsing or buying behavior. Assisting them in their big data analytics initiative are technology service providers with their necessary data analytics tools and infrastructure. Besides, with digital personalization becoming another reckoning factor to bring back old customers while engaging newer ones, offering a seamless and intuitive mobile browsing experience is vital. For this very purpose, a mobile application development company can be highly effective.

Based in San Jose, California, Clavax Technologies is a mobile application development company rendering services in the conceptualizing, designing and developing highly feature-oriented mobile apps. With expertise in mobile application development technologies like Objective C, Swift and Java, besides being proficient in mobile platforms like Android and iOS, the team of developers ensures that an interactive product is rolled off the shelves.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Integrate your Online Marketing using Kentico

Digital marketing has become quite an essential part of a business enterprise’s road to success and 72% of the enterprises agree to this fact. However, there are multiple marketing channels and certain limitations arise with regard to integrating all marketing parameters into one single platform. A survey by eMarketer suggests that only a handful of enterprises, about 25 – 30%, have been successful in fully integrating social and mobile marketing channels to their marketing platform. On the other hand, 60% of the organizations have managed to integrate email marketing and websites into their marketing channels.

It is possible for digital marketers to configure and integrate the major marketing channels into one single platform – the Kentico Online Marketing Dashboard – with the Kentico development platform. This unique console presents a holistic view of their customers, enabling users or marketers to manage all their email, mobile, website and social marketing activities from within a consolidated view. Another extremely handy feature of Kentico is its social media integration capability. This feature allows automatic posting of updates to Facebook or Twitter and the generation of analytics reports from within the system dashboard. By integrating an organization’s online marketing requirements into Kentico, marketers can even create highly personalized consumer experiences for their users.

Clavax Technologies LLC is a web development company California that excels in providing scalable and highly interactive web solutions to their clients. The company is also a Kentico Gold partner and as such has a highly qualified and certified Kentico development team that facilitates the creation of high-end web content management systems.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Advantage of ‘Speed’ in Analytics

Variety, volume, velocity and value – These factors are of no consequence if organizations are not able to derive actionable insights instantaneously and in real time. This fifth dimension – speed – is essential for enterprises to draw quick insights on the analyzed information and to ensure the value of derived information. Adding further credibility to speedy analytics is the projected growth rate of data by the year 2020, which says the world will see 40 zettabytes of data, increasing at 50 times per year. In addition, market surveys suggest that almost 73% of the organizations spend 20% of their IT budget on leveraging their big data solutions.

A look at three prominent advantages of applying ‘speed’ to analytics:

1.    The returns from investments on big data analytics have become faster. In a recent survey by IBM, 63% of the surveyed companies are experiencing returns within a year while 26% are generating ROIs within half a year.

2.    Big data and analytics solutions are now used for solving operational challenges as well, while customer personalization continues alongside. A survey shows that 40% enterprises are utilizing analytics for addressing operational issues.

3.    Last, but not the least, the entire businesses are getting re-invented using technology and data analytics solutions are driving businesses in achieving this feat powered by access to well-organized information.

Clavax Technologies is a provider of big data and analytics solutions to businesses and empower them with actionable insights on their markets, consumers and latest products or services. Besides offering analytics solutions, the company also has a team of web developers in California to create intuitive and easy to navigate websites for their clients.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Executing Consumer-Driven Marketing Strategies

The consumer along with their preferences is a major driving force behind most marketing campaigns executed by any business enterprise. Understanding the consumer behavior or being able to extract critical information from raw consumer data is highly critical to organizations in making informed business decisions or while developing their next marketing strategy. However, this is only possible if the marketers or businesses have access to marketing tools like analytics and report generation, in addition to keeping track of visitor trends.

All these tasks can effortlessly be handled with the Kentico web content management system. The platform offers an integrated marketing solution for business as well as the Kentico developers working on/ with the platform, which in turn enable businesses to track their customers, manage or score incoming leads. Kentico developer can leverage the built-in functionalities of the system in tracking users and user behavior on the websites. The services offered by a mobile application development company can also be enlisted by businesses wanting to formulate and execute consumer-driven marketing strategies for their consumers operating from mobile devices.

A Kentico Gold partner, Clavax has been developing highly intuitive web applications using the Kentico platform for their clients and partners from diverse industries. The platform allows a Kentico developer to not only increase their efficiency in development (there are numerous built in modules), but also allows for enhancing the effectiveness of the end product. In addition to being experts in developing projects with Kentico, the company offers mobile application development services in the latest technologies as well.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Content Management – Surpassing the Non-Technical Barrier

The emergence of consumer-centric content has led to business along with marketers to increase their focus on rendering websites with content targeted at their core audience. This requires the businesses to have a control over the content that they display on their websites, updating and editing it to ensure the standards set for the purpose are met. Kentico, as content management system, powers more than 18000 websites around the globe and is used by businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Being a content management system, Kentico includes more than 450 built-in webparts that can be integrated as is or can be customized to suit the requirements. Also, with the available plethora of content management features, a Kentico developer can integrate functionalities into web applications that allow even non-technical end-users to effortlessly access it. A few of these features include:
  • Uploading of files (text, audio, video) from a single dashboard window
  • A What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Versioning as well as archiving of available content
  • Creation of custom pages and Search engine optimization
  • Support for multilingual content as well as multiple languages
  • Managing website banners as well as translations
  • Linked documents feature that allows content to be re-used at multiple locations; just the same way a CSS is used in case of HTML and web development
A web development California company, Clavax offers technology services in the field of web, mobile and software application development. The company has experts in web application development, with extensive technical expertise in integrating a Content Management System, notably Kentico. Being a Kentico Gold partner, the company has a team comprising certified Kentico developer to assist clients in creating highly intuitive web applications.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boost Your Marketing Strategies with Kentico

The volatile nature of the markets has led to the rise and fall of trends every hour. In such a context, keeping track of the digital media metrics for a website becomes a prime concern for all businesses – from mid-sized to enterprise levels. A survey carried out by Kentico on the latest digital marketing trends shows that 26% of the high-performing marketing teams in organizations run digital marketing analyzes as a top priority activity.

As a technology platform, Kentico offers a diverse set of features for both developers and users of which its online marketing tool is highly notable. This inbuilt marketing tool in the system can be utilized to generate:
  • Web analytics reports (track statistics on yearly, monthly, daily or hourly basis);
  • Newsletters;
  • Multivariate and A/B testing modules;
  • Lead scoring (based on behavioral or demographic);
  • Content personalization;
  • Tracking conversions.
The built-in Kentico development module for Lead Scoring can be used for automatically categorizing the most promising leads and details related to those can be sent out to internal sales teams. Besides these features, there is also a Contact management module that presents a 360-degree view of the customer – their browsing trends, as well as behavior across all devices. In short, Kentico is a powerful tool in personalizing consumer content and to ensure that marketing strategies are formulated with the consumers in mind.

Clavax Technologies is web development company California that has been consistently delivering technology solutions across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. The company particularly excels in the creation of mobile and web application development; the system architecture of which is flexible, robust and scalable. Furthermore, being a Kentico Gold partner, the company has a certified team for Kentico development.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Swift Mobile App Development

Mobile app stores have hit a record high volume of downloads and an example to this statement can be borrowed from the Apple App Store. A ComScore report states that the available 1.2 million applications in the iOS app store occupy 42% of the market in terms of installations. Besides these impressive numbers, mobile development is set to become all the more lucrative with the launch of Swift, a multi-paradigm programming language. The language utilizes the Objective-C runtime in the XCODE IDE; works effectively with frameworks like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, besides being able to work parallel with Objective-C.

This blog post has been created with the intention of highlighting some of the major features of working with Swift while developing mobile applications by the iPhone app development company California.
  • Swift uses the LLVM compiler that transforms the source code into optimized native codes for enhanced performance on devices powered by the iOS operating system.
  • The language has been designed to be inherently secure and resilient to errors with the use of inferred types. These patterns are also tuned for efficient integration using Cocoa as well as Cocoa Touch APIs.
  • It is also more concise and has a clean syntax as compared to Objective-C. Developers working with Swift do not have to worry about memory management as it is automatically handled.
  • Debugging in Swift is handled through an REPL (Run-Eval-Print loop), the performance of which is further enhanced with a highly interactive “Playground” view running in the XCODE IDE.
It will be a while before programming in Swift becomes mainstream and replaces Objective-C as the standard iPhone app development language. But until then, mobile application development requirements, with Swift, can be fulfilled by partnering with technology outsourcing partners.

Clavax Technologies is an iPhone app development company California, offering services in creating highly innovative as well as interactive mobile applications using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Structured for Knowledge: Big Data Storage

At the current rate of growth, enterprise data is set to increase 50 times by the year 2020 while the digital universe is set to explode to 40 zettabytes from the present 3.2 zettabytes. The storage structures utilized for collecting, storing and analyzing such huge volumes of digital content would require flexible as well as scalable infrastructure. Although these records are largely unstructured, an organization also has infinite structured sets of raw records. The information storage structures like relational databases and tables have long passed, giving way to the use of hyperscale computing environments, capable of storing and scaling depending on the data influx. These computing environments are usually designed to run analytics engines like NoSQL, Hadoop, and Cassandra. Typically equipped with PCIe flash storage, hyperscale computation is deployed either in combination with disk or stand-alone storage in the server, so as to maintain storage latency to the minimum.

A hyperscale computing environment comprises numerous commodity servers equipped with direct-attached storage (DAS), which is utilized by most large-scale enterprises for managing their records.  Besides their storage capacity and scalability, hyperscales also have computational capabilities that include fast response times for large sets of information. But for organizations that do not require too much computational speed, as well as scalable storage, clustered or scale-out Network-attached storage (NAS) is quite an effective solution. Furthermore, there is another big data storage option that can specifically tackle large and quantifiable number of files is the Object Storage. This storage media can scale large files and that too to very high capacities.

Based in California, Clavax offers technology services and solutions for mobile, software, and web app development. As a web application development company California, the company has a global clientele, functioning in diverse segments of the industry. Besides offering design & development services, the technology consultants in the company also offer valuable insights into Big Data and analytics solutions.