Thursday, November 16, 2017

Top Things You Will Love in Kentico11

Among the various tools we need for creating a new website, a right Content Management System is essential to manage the website effectively. Kentico is one of the best CMS available in the market today and we all are excited about the release of its latest version, Kentico11.

Being an integrated marketing solution, Kentico CMS system offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features with the affordable cost for businesses of any size. With every new update, Kentico aims to simplify its features to drive more usability for enterprise-level users. 

Let’s find out what are the best things developers will love in the upcoming version of Kentico 11 :-

1. More integrations

Kentico 11 is coming with better marketing capabilities through the program with more integrations. eCommerce integration is the best for creating an eCommerce store with the platform, which will support product management, refunds & a new API. Another is Salesforce CRM integration that combines sales and marketing to reach the right audience effectively. Developers will have less code to integrate into 3rd party systems, more functionalities, and fewer problems.

2. Smart & Easier Search

The version 11 offers a smarter search functionality with the power of Lucene.NET that will retrieve accurate results within a fraction of the time. Having the support for Azure Search indexes, the cloud-based search service offers new capabilities like Faceted Search, scoring profiles, highlighting & more. Developers will be able to easily integrate the content of the existing site into Azure Search for great search experience.

3. Better Ecommerce

As every ecommerce business follows multiple ways to sell the products or accept payment, Kentico 11 is offering shopping cart calculation updates that will resolve all rounding & calculation issues as the entire process is broken into logical steps. Another issue of payment is resolved with delayed payment capture that will be configured on your site using standard gateways without any customization.

4. Marketing Features

Kentico 11 makes sure that both the requirements of marketers & developers are met properly with less custom code development & better ways to help business users understand their data. The new email builder will allow drag and drop creation of campaigns and newsletters. Also, the in-browser preview for mobile and desktop devices will be included, making developers spend less time building reports and modules.

5. Ecommerce Tracking

Lastly, Kentico has added a new Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking so that developers can create custom reports for marketers and track them to boost sales by understanding the site traffic. Lesser custom tracking snippets and modules will be written by developers with this new tracking to meet different organizational needs.

As we can see from the points mentioned above, Kentico 11 is built with new improvements to make things easier for marketers and well as developers. With the new enhancements made, every Ecommerce web development company will be benefited as they will be spending lesser time customizing the whole ecommerce process. This latest version of Kentico is expected to be out by 29th November 2017. Let’s hope that Kentico 11 create a great digital experience for their enterprise-level clients with better usability.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Significance of IoT in the Era of Mobile Apps

The new era of mobile app development has not only changed the way business processes are conducted but also impact the people’s lives. All of us rely on our smartphones for all the simple day-to-day tasks like online order, booking tickets, looking for something, etc. It is only possible through dedicated mobile apps that add life to the phones. Due to this reason, the mobile app development industry has achieved heights over the years, becoming a very profitable venture.

There is no denial in the fact that millions of apps are being developed every year that has given rise to a tough competition among different app development companies. In today’s tech revolution, it has become necessary to stay updated with all the latest development trends to build the successful app. The most recent app development trend includes Internet of Things that enable users to maintain a strong connection with their homes, gadgets, workplace, etc in a very smart way. While many industries that have adapted enterprise IoT solutions with the mobile apps experienced a positive change, some companies are still confused whether to embrace IoT or not. In this blog, we will find out how IoT will impact the mobile apps.

How IoT influences the development of Mobile Apps?

We live in the digital era where mobile apps have dominated our lives, which is why app developers need to come up with forward-thinking concepts like IoT to create a unique and smarter app, different from others. The goal of any business app is to make lives easier and Internet of Things has made it possible with smart cities, smart homes, connected cars & machines. To enable interaction with IoT enabled devices, mobile devices like tabs, smartphones or wearables needs to function as the main interface. As mobile devices are integrated with sensors & apps, they can reveal detailed information about its users. Not just that, geolocation info can be retrieved and can even trace the light condition and the device orientation.

The technology of IoT enables users to communicate with other devices and sensors with the use of mobile devices that supports multiple connectivity options like NFC, Cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With the help of IoT, a smartphone can now interact with the smartwatches & fitness wearables to provide better user experience. Even the hotel businesses are no longer using room keys instead, card-based access has been provided through their smartphones. One just needs to open the hotel app in their phone and enter their rooms.

Factors to Keep in Mind before Enterprise embraces IoT World

One of the biggest challenges that enterprises need to focus on before incorporating IoT Apps is to ensure privacy and safety of the sensitive official data and its network. Building a robust connection with the mobile devices in the business environment will not only enhance productivity but also simplify work processes.

Here are some factors to be considered before adopting IoT:
  • Mode of Connectivity : One of the most important points is to decide the how you want to connect the devices to the internet such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Network, etc.
  • Capability of the Hardware : Deciding the budget for adding new hardware capabilities may differ from small to large-scale organizations while leveraging IoT.
  • Programming Frameworks : As app developers need various programming protocols for building apps to connect mobile devices, the external accessory framework can be used for communication with external hardware connected to the iOS-based device.
  • Custom/Readymade IoT App : Using ready-made IoT apps can be little easier as it will cut down the time, expenses & extra efforts while building customized apps can take a huge amount of time and effort.

With the massive impact of IoT on our environment & future economy, the value of mobile devices and its apps will increase in the days to come. As per the study, more than 50 billion connected devices will exist by the year 2020. Taking the advantage of the inbuilt sensors and mobile connectivity of the phones, IoT ecosystem will enhance the world of education, healthcare, travel & several other industries. Many app developers are embracing the trend of IoT app development for a better-connected world. Let’s hope and see how the concept of IoT will evolve in the coming future.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Know the Benefits of Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

We have witnessed many changing trends of mobile app development approach over the years that has helped users grow with advanced resource and applications. Every mobile App Development Company is focusing on exploring the best of the mobility traits to uncover the underlying possibilities. Choosing the right platform for developing the mobile apps is very important to meet the specific business requirements.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Choose an Ideal ECM Solution to Minimize Business Risks

We live in the era of digital data where every organization demands an effective data strategy to manage their ever-increasing data over the years. More the volumes of data more will be the ambiguity associated with it. Proper and timely management of data helps the companies in handling data overload, removing productivity obstruction as well as reducing business risks. The answer is Enterprise Content Management System

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tips to Enhance Real Estate Business with Mobile Apps

As we live in the digital era, more than 70% people rely on their smartphones to perform their daily tasks like searches, shopping, net banking, etc. using the internet. With the huge number of the audience going mobile, businesses prefer to deliver their services online to the users in a convenient way. Moving ahead towards the technology that has evolved over the years, mobile apps have become an essential part of any business including Real Estate sector for improved customer engagement.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to secure your business data and mobile apps

Are you worried about the security of your mobile apps? Well, you need to concern, a report by Gartner revealed that more than 75% mobile applications will fail the basic security tests through 2015.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Compelling Ways to Engage More Customers for Loyalty

Though building customer loyalty isn't easy as child’s play, but it's totally worth the effort. Most of the startups cannot afford to reach more users due to high customer acquisition costs (CAC). It does not matter how high your CAC is if you make your customers spend more money justifying the CAC invested. And that is where many companies lack. Since Customer retention is essential for every business, using Loyalty Programs for Customers

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Will Swift and Kotlin change the era of mobile development?

When we talk about developing native mobile apps, it means having a team of iOS developers working on Objective-C or the Android team working on Java. Due to the differences between the two platforms and languages, there were only a few developers that were experts on both the platforms. However, with the introduction of new languages, things have changed and has brought more options & opportunities in the field of app development.