Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Fourth Dimension To Apps With Augmented Reality Solutions

The evolution of technology along with the widespread use of Internet has made the world a very different place from what it used to be nearly a decade ago. And these technological evolutions have further brought about a disruptive change in the way that people want to perceive things, giving way to the development of Augmented Reality. This new age technology has added another dimension to the technologies that we use today – it enhances the reality around us by adding data in the form of computer generated graphics, audio, video and texts.

Tools and technologies in the field of AR are advancing rapidly and enterprises are rushing to cash in on the future scope offered by Augmented Reality apps. A mobile app development California company offers Augmented Reality solutions to their clients to aid them in developing visually stunning mobile applications. An application that utilizes Augmented Reality can effectively and effortlessly pull up data about things and places in a way that it augments the physical reality of the user. Furthermore, AR can be implemented in wearable devices like head mounted displays, eye glasses, contact lenses and hand held devices.

Clavax Technologies is a mobile app development California company that offers Augmented Reality solutions, besides excelling in the design and development of mobile applications for diverse mobile platforms. The company is dedicated to the creation of applications that would further enhance the features and functionalities already on offer from a business enterprise. A number of tools and technologies are utilized in providing Augmented Reality solutions to their clients, who belong to a multitude of industrial segments like retail, e-commerce, educations, etc.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Importance Of An Iphone App Development Company

Mobile applications have become a highly effective tool for businesses to connect to a new breed of consumers who have become highly mobile with the increasing surge and utility of smart phones. The latest addition to the ever-changing world of smart phones is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In such a scenario, it is only feasible that a business venture manages to build and release a mobile application for their customers using an iPhone. An iPhone app development company designs and develops a mobile application that is interactive and easy to navigate for the users.

These mobile applications are a convenient and efficient way for consumers to stay connected at any time, anywhere – irrespective of wherever they may be. A mobile app development California company ensures that their team of technology consultants provide only the best of IT solutions to their clients in answer to their project requirements. These mobile application development companies not only build highly successful applications compatible with all devices running on the iOS platform, they also provide other services like testing, support and maintenance.

Clavax is a mobile app development California company, which offers a variety of IT solutions and services to cater to the requirements and specifications to their clients of iPhone application development. They have a dedicated and highly skilled team of developers, testers and quality analysts to design and develop any form of iPhone application. As an iPhone app development company, Clavax Technologies has managed to fulfill their clients requests to build interactive and intuitive applications for the iOS platform.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Adding Value To Your Applications – Augmented Reality Apps

We are in the midst of an advanced technological evolution where technology changes even before one can settle down with the current versions of release. And over the years, the technologies that were only read about or thought to exist in science fiction has become a reality – the best example being Augmented Reality. In definition, Augmented Reality or AR as it is usually referred to, is the addition of computer-generated sound and graphic enhancements to the real environment. This juxtaposition of the virtual over the real presents a highly improved vision and can change the way you perceive the reality around you. This technology has led to the development and creation of interactive mobile applications that would return values in real-time.

As can be seen, the number of smart phone devices as well as users have grown steadily over the past decade and hence the demand for mobile applications has also gone up. And a mobility solutions provider today is trying to build mobile apps that are intuitive by implementing cutting-edge tools and technologies like AR. Augmented Reality apps enhance the functionality of the mobile application as it overlays the real environment with 3-dimension virtual enhancements; Augmented Reality apps can be utilized to generate real-time data as well.

Clavax Technologies is a mobility solutions and services provider based in San Jose, California. There is an expert and highly qualified in-house development team that comprises technology experts, analysts and consultants to provide best-in-class mobile development solutions to the clients. The company offers their services in developing Augmented Reality apps along with the development of responsive and robust mobile applications Android, iOS and the Windows platforms.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pros Of Hiring An Android App Development Company

Android mobile app development companies are on the rise owing to the increasing demand and use of Android-based mobile applications. These companies have a broad range of solutions and services in the offing for their clients of Android application development.

A few advantages of having an Android app development company at your service while developing a mobile application are listed as under:

  1. The Linux-based open-source Android Software Development Kit (ADK) that comes with in-built libraries and APIs to allow developers to build feature-rich applications.

  2. The apps being created are designed to utilize core functionalities of the device hardware like the accelerometer and GPS features.

  3. The Android app development company has a team of technology and language experts who are capable of offering the best-in-class solutions for your mobile application development idea.

  4. Clients get a budget-friendly technology solution that is intended to effectively increase their return on investments (ROI).

  5. The mobile app development company strives to ensure that projects are completed in time and are delivered to the client without any glitches.

Clavax Technologies offers a comprehensive solution to your application development requirements with their wide range of solutions and services. As an Android app development company, there is a highly skilled team of developers and consultants to guide you through the entire product development procedure – right from conception to maintenance. All that you need to do is to set up a consultation with the team of technical consultants to discuss your ideas or to learn about how to proceed further with an existing wire-frame or documentation.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why Hire An Android App Development Company?

As per market reports, Android mobile devices have outnumbered all other mobile operating systems and is currently the most favored mobile operating system. The Google Play store has more than 7 million apps in various categories like media & entertainment, news, games, utilities and travel. There are a multitude of mobile app development companies that provide diversified and effective application development solutions to their business partners.

If you are a non-technical business, then it is beneficial that you enlist the services of an Android app development company. They provide you with a cost-effective solution to build your app, besides taking care of the entire design and ideation process. Some of the major advantages of having a mobile app company develop your mobile app are listed as under:

1. The mobile app development company provides a budget-friendly solution to start-ups and other enterprises, in general to develop a mobile application tailored to fit their requirements.

2. They have a dedicated team of developers to help you develop a feature-rich mobile app with the open source Android Software Development Kit (also referred to as the ADK).

3. Android apps are capable of utilizing the core hardware functionalities and the mobile app company facilitates further enhancement of this feature in the apps that they build.

4. The mobile app development company also ensures the on-time delivery of the projects under development.

Clavax is a mobile app company that offers its services and solutions to build mobile applications for its clients with enhanced business agility and for better customer engagement. Clavax, as an Android app development company, has a dedicated and certified team of Android app developers to offer state-of-the-art mobile applications programmed to meet the client requirements and specifications.