Friday, May 15, 2015

Data Analytics – Facts-based Strategic Reforms

Research and analytics have assumed a prominent role as enterprises move towards the implementation of data-driven initiatives in their decision-making processes and strategies. Surveys have indicated a 125% increase in the number of organizations implementing data analytics solutions in 2015, as compared to the past year. Besides, the data investments deployed by enterprises have also gone up to $13.8 million. The enterprises that implement analytics can invariably discover deeper connections in their existing or incoming set of raw information accumulated from multiple data channels.

Big data and analytics solutions have never been more important than now as organizations implement a predictive analytics model to leverage their ROIs from their competitors. It has become a top priority for most organizations, as can be inferred from a research suggesting 27% companies consider it a top priority for their business. An enterprise incorporating big data and analytics solutions while formulating decisions or strategic reforms can further quantify the output of their marketing campaigns, customer experiences, and in general, their overall improvement.

Clavax Technologies is a web development California technology services provider that lays particular emphasis on implementing data-driven strategies to their processes to a large extent. In addition to their web development services, the company also has the experience as well as the expertise in handling large data volumes for their projects. The data analytics team at the company has had the experience of working with projects that handle huge chunks of inbound data along with its processing before forwarding it to the client end.

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