Thursday, December 25, 2014

How can a CMS Rescue your Business?

When a retail business, or any business for that matter, partners with a web application development company California they can effectively encounter their technical challenges. The web development company can assist their clients in the creation of intuitive web applications that successfully showcase their clients’ business processes, products or services. And if the client happens to belong to the category of ecommerce retailers, it is to be understood that a database is being used for data storage and updates.

Even though databases are meant to store huge volumes of data, generating real time status of product availability can prove to be a challenge during peak hours. This is the reason why implementing a content management system on a website might be a feasible option. The CMS solutions company California holds expertise in the design and implementation of a CMS onto the client website. The web application development company California can either build a customized CMS or can centre their client’s website on any of the popular CMS solutions available today.

By integrating or implementing a content management system, the client can efficiently manage their entire repository of products and provide their customers with an interactive products-viewing platform.

As a CMS solutions company California, Clavax Technologies offers end-to-end solutions in the design and implementation of Content Management Systems (CMS) in web applications. The project development team works in close contention with their clients to ensure that all the technical specifications requested by the client are met. The technical team at the web application development company California also offers valuable insights on enhancing and optimizing product performance.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why Work With Web Developers California?

Over the years, retail businesses have slowly and steadily shifted their base from the real world towards the virtual world. The competition is on the rise and businesses are striving hard to win the game. But, this can be a difficult task if they lack the right tools, services and technologies, besides not being backed by a highly skilled team of personnel. An ecommerce web development company California can effectively tackle all these challenges and much more for their partner companies with their resources as well as experience in the related field.

The benefits of working with an ecommerce web development company California are many, a few of which can be outlined as under:

  • Their team of web designers is certified and is capable of creating visually appealing web page designs that facilitate ease-of-navigation, besides being highly intuitive.
  • The development team is proficient in multiple programming languages, thereby being able to assist their clients in developing a state-of-the-art application in any platform they want.
  • These web developers California are also vital in providing the right technical consultation and analytics to their clients from the retail industry.
  • The ecommerce development company also offers- continuous technical support and maintenance services to their clients.
A highly forward thinking team of web developers California, when it comes to mobile design, Clavax Technologies is headquartered at one of the largest cities of California, San Jose. The company offers their consulting as well as technological expertise in the creation or revamping of ecommerce websites. As an ecommerce web development company California, they have many successful websites to their credit.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Reap the Rewards of Loyalty Solutions

Ecommerce is on the rise and there are a number of factors are attributing towards its growth – like the increasing use of smart phones powered by enhanced Internet connectivity. But, the mere presence of an ecommerce is not enough to maintain sales and revenues. Business enterprises need to hold their customers’ interests with perks and benefits from time to time, and for this matter they can effectively implement loyalty solutions California.

There is a number of highly skilled as well as experienced team of mobile app developers California, who offer effective technology solutions to their clients. The ecommerce businesses can easily contact these mobile app developers California for designing customized loyalty solutions California or to implement an already developed solution into their respective POS or mobile apps. With these loyalty programs, ecommerce businesses get a wide array of options to offer their customers.

Some of the popular loyalty solutions California implemented most frequently are mentioned as under:

  • The classic one – Points-Based Benefits
  • The Tiered Benefits Structure
  • Event-Based Benefits
  • Special Offers
  • Discount Coupons
  • Third-Party Tie-Up Benefits
  • Exclusive Offers for a select few clients

Clavax Technologies LLC is an IT solutions and services provider, located in San Jose, California. The company comprises a highly skilled and experienced team of mobile app developers California, serving a global clientele in tackling their technology challenges. The mobile app developers California engineer interactive and intuitive mobile applications that are focused on enhancing user experiences.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why Hire Mobile Application Development Companies California?

Smart phones are expected to surpass the 2 billion mark in the coming year, as suggested by reports from the independent markets research company eMarketer. On top of it, e-commerce is booming like never before and retail businesses are scrambling to find new grounds for expanding their businesses. The extensive usage of mobile applications and devices warrant that retail business enhance their existing customer interaction strategies.

These retail enterprises can easily enlist the services of one of the many mobile application development companies California to help them deploy an interactive and intuitive mobile version of their e-commerce website. Additionally, the mobile application development companies California offer their services as an e-commerce development company California. Working with these companies is not only beneficial in terms of better technology solutions, but also in terms of reducing operational costs.

Some perks of partnering with an e-commerce development company California as listed as under:
  • The client companies are exempted from procuring dedicated infrastructure for deploying as well as developing their applications.
  • They can also save precious time and resources in recruitment of personnel and training procedures, as the mobile application development companies California already have certified technical teams.
  • Projects are usually developed within the stipulated time frame, unless the clients request additional functionalities.
Clavax Technologies is one of the leading mobile application development companies California, which caters to a global clientele functioning in varied industrial sectors. The company provides services like consulting, design, development, support and maintenance in response to their clients’ technology requirements. The development team at e-commerce development company California is highly innovative and adaptive when it comes to developing mobile applications for their clients from the ecommerce industry. They are updated with latest market trends along with the best applicable technologies for developing particular types of applications.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Collaborating with Technology Outsourcing Partners

Advancement as well as the availability of a multitude of technologies has led to the growth of a multitude of technology outsourcing partners in different parts of the world. These technology outsourcing partners specialize in different fields of application and product development using different technologies. An individual or a company, to be precise a retail business, can easily consult these outsourcing partners regarding technology and related matters.

These outsourcing partners develop not only highly effective web or mobile applications, but they also offer their services in designing loyalty programs for customers visiting their retail business associates. Some benefits of collaborating with these technology outsourcing partners in developing loyalty programs for customers are enlisted below:
  • The client is not required to set-up dedicated hardware or software on their premises. 
  • They can easily migrate from their existing programs towards the new infrastructure and architecture. 
  • Secure data centers.
Usually, these partner companies build a scalable and flexible loyalty program for customers that can be customized depending on type of benefits to be rewarded to their visitors.

Clavax Technologies is one of the many technology outsourcing partners in California offering effective technology solutions and services to all forms of client queries. The company has a team of developers working on multiple technologies and platforms for the clients have a highly varied operations base. Their expertise in technology and a far-sighted approach to project development goes a long way into determining the success of a web or a mobile application.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kentico Developers To Fast-Track Your Web Application Development

Today, the world and its inhabitants strive on one single buzzword: Instant! This is how the world functions – a fact which receives further boost with the advancements being made in technology in recent times. The Internet has become a part of people’s lives, which in turn have aided the growth of digital buyers in remarkable numbers; the end result of everything being put up for e-commerce.

But then again there is a catch to the rise of online retail stores – consumers, more often than not hardly stick to one single platform. The key to creating web sites that are engaging and are optimized for user navigation is to work with a team of web developers California or with Kentico developers.

These technology experts are often a part of a web development company California. The Kentico developers use the Kentico development tool that already comes loaded with a host of features like:
  • Plug and Play functionality 
  • Multiple site management 
  • Built-in webparts (More than 400) 
  • Social media integration 
  • Reports and analytics 
  • Highly flexible architecture
These features are just a hadful out of the entire package. The web developers California not only provide valuable insights on design issues, but also on how present market trends are going to affect their product.

Clavax Technologies LLC is a technology outsourcing company situated in San Jose, California that is dedicated to providing quality technology and services to their clients from multiple industrial sectors. They have a highly skilled team of Kentico developers to offer their online retail clients with end-to-end e-commerce solutions. The Kentico development tool is a fully customizable technology solution with a range of benefits for both developers as well as the users. Also, the fact that the company is a Kentico Gold partner further cements the fact that they offer only the best technology solutions to their e-commerce clients.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Customer Loyalty Solutions For Digital Shopper

Desperate times call for desperate measures – a saying that might be of significant importance in the current context of the rising digital shopper. The proliferation of technology in every aspect of human life has led to business enterprises changing their marketing strategy to adapt their processes to the evolving market model. These enterprises are required to find alternative ways to connect to a mobile consumer base that is always on the move, besides offering them with unique and customized benefits.

The retail marketers are resorting to implementing customer loyalty solutions to retain their existing consumers, while they work on acquiring newer ones. These customer loyalty solutions can be designed and developed by a mobile app company for their clients of the retail industry. There are various kinds of customer loyalty solutions that can be implemented by a retail business, the most preferred ones are listed as under:
  • A point-based program
  • The tier system of earning benefits
  • Premium memberships
  • Benefits from partner companies
  • Event or action-based offers
  • Frequent buyer programs
Clavax Technologies is a San Jose, California-based mobile app company that offers a comprehensive solution to their clients of mobility requirements. As a technology outsourcing partner, the company offers their services in aspect of application development – right from brainstorming ideas to technology consulting to product development and deployment. The company also provides their expertize to their clients from the e-commerce industry in developing retail benefit programs for their consumers in the form of customer loyalty solutions.