Friday, December 25, 2015

Re-Engagement of users: Going beyond the Fundamentals

The present universe of the mobile app usage, downloads and engagement is totally different from from what it used to be just a few months back. As application downloads and installs are no longer prerequisites for determining an app’s success, makers of application along with the marketers are searching for new strategies in order to connect with users. For the purpose of retaining the users, there is a need to effectively implement the strategies of user engagement. Moreover, Re-engaging the users at the same time.  

When it comes to Re-engagement, it refers to a set of technologies or practices that are able to identify users who have downloaded an app and present them with special services or offers pursuing them to make use of application more often.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why Your Business Needs to Consider these Mobile App Development Trends

The Mobile app development industry is booming at the speed of light and applications have become an indispensable part of the digital universe. We can all feel the pervasive presence of these apps around us every second. That’s why it has become mandatory to stay abreast with the  latest trends of mobile app development.

Below are top  mobile app development trends in the market:

Rapid Rise of Mobile Development

With the increasing demands of mobile apps, businesses are trying their level best to introduce services and products at a rate faster than others. The primary aim for a Mobile Application Development Company would be to minimize the development life cycle duration and shorten the time gap between the formulation of the idea and its deployment. For this reason, fast paced app development tools and frameworks are expected to show up in the market.

Cloud Driven

App developers are focusing more on the ability of integration and synchronization of the applications on multiple devices.  Here, in order to assist the developers build functionality cloud approach is often utilized.

Payments and M-Commerce, Payment and Mobile Banking

According to recent surveys, nineteen percent of commercial sales are generated through tablets or smartphones.  Transfer of money or purchase of products using a cell phone is becoming quite common as using of credit or debit cards. It indicates that, whether these are Android App Developers

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boost your Business with Clavax

Is your business not progressing as expected? No need to worry. Give a boost to your business today with Clavax Technologies!

Clavax Technologies is a prominent web, software and mobile application development company based in San Jose, California. Its first class services are supported by a solid group of 200+ profoundly gifted experts to convey imaginative, secure and adaptable IT solutions for our customers. Clavax go about as your technology accomplices by comprehending your business challenges and applying state-of-art engineering technologies to provide inventive IT solutions.

What Services do they provide?
Business & Technology Consulting
Clavax monitors developing business sector patterns and executes changes to make your business more agile and productive with its business and IT specialists. It involves the alignment of a company’s competencies and core goals across discrete and personnel operating units, information systems and processes.
Web Application Services
Adjust to changing necessities and expand the ROI of your applications with Clavax’s business-basic applications that are intended to enhance productivity and execution.
Big Data and Analytics
Unleash your business potential and include noteworthy insights making use of Big Data Analytics Solutions.

Friday, December 11, 2015

GoodFirms Spotlights Clavax Technologies as an Efficient Application Developer

GoodFirms pioneering research aims at putting forth an assortment of the best and most accomplished application development companies from across the world, so as to connect the service seekers with the best suited development partners.

Working persistently towards the aim to recognize and put forth the best application developers, GoodFirms has spotted another charmer, Clavax Technologies. This company from California with over four years of experience, craftsmanship and skills has turned out as a new face for application development and stand as an efficient developer in GoodFirms Research.

In order to understand what is so unique about their way of doing work, GoodFirms connected with three of their clients and conducted a one-on-one interview to review how Clavax delivered on their projects. All the three client references and details were provided by Clavax and the reviews were conducted by GoodFirms’ inhouse team. During the review, their clients stated that Clavax has good project management capabilities and their team of developers is quite well versed. They cited Clavax as a dependable and reliable development partner that looks after all their development needs. They cited Clavax to be a transparent company with a well delineated project delivery process.

The clients reviewed were mostly startups and medium-sized enterprises who utilized Clavax’s resources to develop web and mobile applications related to various categories including ecommerce, lifestyle, education and other business services categories. Besides these, Clavax has done plentiful projects in categories like financial services, social networking, media & entertainment as well. They offer web and mobility solutions from application design and development to testing and support services to their clients.

GoodFirms thoroughly inspected their industry experience, market presence, technical expertise, and client ratings and reviews to derive their overall score. Their ratings have been fairly good which made GoodFirms Research spot them as an efficient application development firm. 

Driving on performance, agility and quality, Clavax Technologies has successfully delivered to their clients’ requirements. Their ratings on GoodFirms’ three scale criteria- Quality, Reliability and Ability in application development, have been satisfactory, which clearly shows their agile approach towards application development.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a transparent and distinctive research platform that serves to reduce the gap between the service seekers and the service providers of software development so that they can to put their best foot forward. GoodFirms research is a blend of the new client review process and the well established industry-wide review & ranking process that helps you jump several notches higher and multiply your industry wide value and credibility.