Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Native or Responsive – What to Choose?

The long standing debate on whether to design a responsive web application or a native mobile application has now reached a tipping point. And now business enterprises are moving towards implementing both of these applications, depending on their consumer audience. The web developers in California can be consulted to discuss in detail about the pros and cons of both kinds of applications. But, here, let’s find out the basic differences between the two and how implementing either would be beneficial to a business venture.

A responsive website utilizes fluid and flexible grids to adapt to the user’s device or viewing environment, whereas native applications are created for a specific device or platform. Responsive websites are basically lightweight versions of a full-fledged website. On the other hand, in case of native mobile applications, they are designed to be exclusively accessed from a mobile device. The web developers in California can be of great assistance to help clients sort out their confusions regarding which type to build. If the clients are looking at round-the-clock user connectivity, the Android app developers can be consulted on formulating design or development strategies for a native application.

Located in the city of San Jose, California, Clavax Technologies LLC is a provider of web and mobile app development solutions to help their clients leverage their client businesses. The company has a certified and trained team of Android app developers who dabble in the latest rollouts of technology and IDE updates to ensure the creation of context-aware applications. Their team of web developers in California is responsible for developing web applications conforming to the current device and user behavior trends; capable of designing responsive, native or mobile-based web applications.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Checklist for Outsourcing Success!

In a highly dynamic and competitive market, where technologies are evolving within the blink of an eye, sustaining and leveraging your business is the paramount agenda. The enterprises need to design as well as implement a strategy that effectively addresses the changing dynamics of new-age technology along with changing user behavior. In their endeavor to tackle these requirements, the enterprises can enlist the services of any technology outsourcing partners.

Today’s business enterprises can utilize the services offered by technology outsourcing partners for a wide variety of purposes, from developing mobile apps and hosting websites to storing data. And when these enterprises are choosing technology outsourcing partners, they need to have a well-laid plan to ensure it can be smoothly translated into a functional application. This approach not only ensures that businesses make the best investments, but also ensures outputs at optimal results. Mentioned below is a checklist for deriving success out of your outsourcing process:
  • Find out an outsourcing partner that would fit in with your requirements.
  • The services offered must be worth every penny that you shell out. Run a thorough search on their portfolio of work before inking the deal.
  • Last but not the least; the activity time frame can be one nagging factor. Find out companies that are effective as well as efficient in their service offerings.
Clavax Technologies is a web development company California, which effectively performs the task of providing technology solutions to clients operating in diverse industrial arenas. As technology outsourcing partners, the company offers services that include product design, development, deployment and support and maintenance. The portfolio speaks volumes about their expertise and success in creating a variety of applications for their varied clientele.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Build a Mobile App?

The debate over whether to formulate a mobile-first strategy or stick to the traditional form of customer engagement has fizzled out, with traditional making way for mobile-centric consumer marketing strategy. This fact is amply supported by the number of number of mobile subscriptions and their respective usage. Analytics from Google suggest that more than 1.3 billion units of smartphones have been sold (as of December 2104); while an average American spends about 151 minutes during the day.

Additionally, statistics from Apple shows that 75 billion applications have been downloaded from the App store. This is a pointer that iOS is a favored platform for many enterprises planning to launch the mobile version of their businesses. A mobile application ensures that businesses are able to connect to their customers on a continuous basis, building trust and relationships, via users’ mobile devices. An
iPhone app development company California can act effectively act as a technology partner for these organizations. They are also specialists in web development California; staying updated with the latest technologies, adapting and implementing them as solutions that suit client requirements.

Clavax Technologies is a provider of
web development California solutions to their clients operating in diverse industrial sectors of the economy. As an iPhone app development company California, they have an impressive portfolio of iOS applications developed over the years. They have a highly skilled team comprising both graphics designers as well as developers to effectively lay the foundations of a successful iOS application. The paramount feature of applications developed by an iPhone app development company California is performance and efficiency along with designing equally interactive user interfaces.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Responsive or Adaptive: What to Implement?

The Internet has evolved dramatically over the years and so has the design criteria governing the development of websites. Nowadays, websites are created with a view to enhance the user’s viewing experience on multiple devices, running on diverse platforms. A web application development company California has the expertise as well as the experience in developing high-end technology solutions for their clients. In keeping up changing times, web developers favor incorporating either a responsive or adaptive code element into their projects.

Developing an optimized website involves applying wither of the two web design standards – responsive or adaptive. While both these approaches work on achieving a common goal, what differs is the approach to getting it done. The IT solutions California company can be an effective technology partner for businesses looking to optimize their websites with the latest technology approaches. Responsive web design is apparently more preferred over adaptive web design as it involves the usage of fluid, flexible grids to allow websites to orient their layouts depending on the device. On the other hand, Adaptive web design works on pre-defined screen resolutions to detect the type of device from which the user is accessing the web application.

Clavax Technologies is a web application development company California, offering a veritable plethora of IT solutions and services to their client from diverse industries. The company has been responsible for developing some really unique applications, especially in the real estate and banking & finance sectors. As an IT solutions California provider, the company also has a specialist team of technology analysts/ consultants, who contribute towards determining feasibility of products, ideas or projects.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Interfaces: Make or Break an App

The definition of an “Interface” as stated by Oxford Dictionary goes as “a device or program that allows a user to communicate with the hardware”. An engaging user interface along with effective user experience designs can go a long way in ensuring, if not continued, the initial success of the application. A web development company California is cognizant of the importance of an interface in an application, irrespective of whether it is on the web or the mobile. The team of designers in the company brainstorm for ideas and layout designs that can optimally enhance the functionality of the application being developed.

In order to ensure continued success of the application, the makers in collaboration with web Development Company California, need to put in an effective marketing strategy in place as well. Some of the most popular application in the world today initially started out with just a handful of users, they did not enjoy the massive following that we see today. The point is if you want to bring in more users for your application, while you retain the initial ones, you need to ensure impressive design layouts along with top-notch performance. An iPhone app development company California often comes up with stunning user interfaces that are capable of crossing the first stage of making the app successful – user acquisition.

Clavax Technologies is an iPhone app development company California that deals in the design and development of mobile applications for iOS-enabled devices. The iPhone app development company California understands that the growth and wide user acceptance of an application depends highly on their design and the user interface. There is a highly skilled team of graphics designers who contribute enormously to the laying the foundations for a successful iPhone application. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why Partner with Web Development Company California?

The combined popularity along with extensive usage of mobile Internet in smartphones has charted an entirely new path for business-customer interaction. Add to it a rapidly evolving technology scenario and it becomes pertinent to reinvent existing customer engagement strategies for every business enterprise. They are required to ensure seamless connectivity of their services across not only multiple devices, but also a wide variety of deployment platforms as well.

Building an Android mobile application is a tough task, especially if the business is planning to excel in a sea of existing 1.3 million products on the Google Play store. The business can partner with a web development company California for a highly beneficial solution if they are looking at developing Andrid mobile apps. They ensure that their technical team is well-acquainted with their client business process along with their requirements before they start developing a minimal viable product. It is said that an app featuring an engaging user experience design is the first stage to ensuring user interaction on an application of any kind. Furthermore, this Android app development company California follows an iterative product development approach, which allows them to add or remove features as the need arises.

A company par excellence, Clavax is an Android app development company California that provides both web and mobile application development to a clientele spread over the globe. The technology experts in the company dedicatedly keep up with new and emerging technology trends for design as well as development of awesome mobile applications. As an Android app development company California, the company has a powerful portfolio of mobile applications developed so far, lending credibility to the excellence.