Friday, June 19, 2015

The 5 Essential Analytics for Optimizing App Performance

At 3 million (and counting) mobile apps in leading apps stores along with 2 billion smartphone users, it becomes an uphill task to ensure that an app is discoverable in the app stores, at the very least. Although the app development process takes up a lot of resources and time, it is just the beginning. There has to be a short as well as long-term marketing plan that would chart the post-launch roadmap for ensuring product success. In addition to the app marketing strategies, regular tracking and monitoring of various parameters like downloads, user engagement, conversion rates, etc are very much necessary.

Pooling resources with a web development California company and the right kind of analytics, it becomes a lot easier to determine the possible areas of optimizing performance. Here are the five essentials to enhancing mobile app performance:

1. Monitor user behavior and demographics to evaluate how the application is converting with users. A mobile application development company can offer effectual insights on the latest market trends along with user behavior.

2. Measure the current financial goals and generate inferences as to what would work best in the future.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Real Estate Software Solutions to Enhance Online Presence

real estate software solutions

Like every other business, real estate too has found a stronghold on the web and now, the Internet powers most of the initial searches for properties and plots. With the current generation of connected users, real estate businesses can find it extremely challenging to generate revenues if they are not available on the virtual space, yet! Statistics like 90% of home searches now occur on the web, while 89% consumers use their smartphones for pulling up information on listings and properties indicate just how important the web has become. However, real estate businesses have a hard time figuring out the right approach in establishing a successful web application.

To ensure that your real estate business makes an effective online presence, you can enlist the services of a web development company California. They can either optimize your existing website to include more user engagement features like enhanced search & listings, CMS/ CRM implementations, buyer-seller interactions, etc or build an entirely new one comprising these features.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Changing Paradigms of Mobile UI Design

With every update of the Android and iOS operating systems, multiple changes in terms of app design or development can be observed, especially the design principles. Moreover, the ever-evolving device hardware and product requirements make it only prudent that web along with app designers not only adapt to this change, but implement it as well.

1. Material Design is the newest design language for the Android platform that makes use of layered interfaces, floating action buttons, and interesting animations in response to a user activity. Although, originally launched for the Android platform, Material now extends to other platforms like iOS and Windows as well.
2. Motion design has been around for quite some time, but they were primarily a part of advertisements, music videos or movie intros. It is however, now used for refining the user interface as a way of delighting the users for an action they have taken.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five Crucial Features of Selecting a Content Management System

 Kentico development

If your website features high volumes of data and information or if you are in the process of launching a content-rich website, it would be ideally a feasible solution to integrate a CMS into it. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind while selecting and integrating the same. We list the 5 crucial features to look into while selecting a content management system for your web enterprise project:
  • Performance and scalability are two intrinsic requirements of any project. The website should not only be recording optimal performance, but it should also be scalable if the need arises at some point in the future. Caching a page at multiple levels is an effecite way of improving performance.
  • Extensibility and Integration implies that the CMS effortlessly integrates with other technologies as well as systems. The ready-to-use connectors are an effective solution for extending the usability of the system while at the same time significantly reducing development times.
  • Multisite Support has become quite a popular requirement nowadays, given that website are no longer limited to just a single corporate website. Most organizations often have online stores, blogs, intranets, community websites and at least a few microsites targeting specific segments of users. With Kentico, enterprises get to design and deploy multiple sites from a single dashboard.