Friday, August 30, 2013

Which Are The New Technologies That Developers Need To Learn This Year?

Technology is fast moving, and developers need to keep pace with it in order to keep their career on track. If a developer is not sharpening up his/her skills on the latest programming languages and other relevant technology then he/she is convincingly doing well to keep a full stop in its career perspective. Reading tech blogs like this one is also one of the best ways for developers to stay updated with the new advancing technology. Let's check out the latest technologies in the market that developers need to learn about: 

1. Hadoop - If you have not yet heard of Hadoop, its surprising you need to wake up. And if you have heard of it then you must actively learn this. It is one of the most influencing and market dominating newer technologies. It’s an open source software that supports data-intensive distributed applications. Hadoop is harder to learn and also hard to get the right and sufficient resource for reference. However, in whatever degree the developer can adequate himself or herself with this software. Moreover, it can never impossible to learn anything, with a little bit of effort developers can definitely master themselves.

2. MongoDB - This is another ruling technology although it's not as big as Hadoop but MongoDB has its own importance and it's much easier to learn. MongoDB is a database that fits well with big AJAX applications. 
3. Scala - With the changing concurrent programming, there has been a pragmatic shift in the kind of application developers are asked to build upon. For instance not long back the trading applications were demanded on C or C++ buy now demand and preference has shifted to Java. The newer technology debut in functional object-oriented programming is of Scala. Scala is not just a language it's in fact a complete ecosystem of ideas and libraries such as play and Akka. Staying away from is something that as a developer you can’t afford at the current market scenario, so better love it and learn it. 
4. Node. j's - You are a Java developer or a c++ or any other programming language. But having knowledge of state event-based, nonblocking systems like Node.js is important. While learning Node.JS, you may get reasons enough reasons to dislike the language but once you move ahead you will find plenty reasons that will interest you about Node.js. Such as the language is supported by a vibrant community industry support from Microsoft to Cloudbees to VMware and beyond. 
5. C/C++ or Assembly - Now this is something to which no developer can give a miss. You may not be using it directly but you will definitely be glad to have the knowledge of C/C++ or Assembly as you will be using the language, directly or indirectly on various platforms. As c and C++ plus is the basic programming language , so it is always important to be clear with the basics in order to rightly understand the technology at higher levels. For instance if you are a Ruby Developer then no one will look for your knowledge of C++ but any day and anytime you may be asked to fix a problem that your knowledge of c/c++ can best resolve.

6. GIT - If you still have no or limited knowledge of Git or don’t have account in GiftHub, the you are late or slow in the developer community. Tight your belts and fasten up. GIT is not something to which you can give a miss. In fact you should have learnt it long back last year itself. Well it's not late yet as you can straight away drive to get hands on on GIT, the source code management (SCM) system.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Create A Good Iphone App : Tips From Iphone

The app store has billions of apps to choose from hence a user is has too many options to choose from. Hence it’s no surprise users have grown quite selective in choosing which app to have in our iPhone. This creates the need for the developers to realize what a user will count upon before selecting the app. No doubt it’s the usage advantage of an app that will make it popular among users. But the usage advantage can be showed off only when the user downloads the app and use it. And for that the users have to first select your app over thousands of other competing apps. A user will not know the sophisticated codes or programing language the developers must have used to get the app developed, rather the user will just use his concise, probably read the content or just arbitrary used an app getting attracted to its icon. This brings in the need of having the right kind of icons for the apps. App icon is very important from UI perspective. Following are some of the tips at iPhone have itself suggested to the developers, so that they can come with the right icon. Need of a good icon can be measured from the fact that bad icon is among top three reasons for which apps get rejected from the app store during the review process. 

  • Get a unique shape
While developing an icon for the app, it is good if the developer uses a simple shape that makes the icon easily recognizable from a distance and at the first glance. Having a recognizable and catchy icon is important in order to attract the users. However, one more point that the developer needs to take care of is the fact that the app icon appears at different size in the app store, home screen and notification. In the app store it’s of large size while get small in the home screen of the phone and smaller in the notification. So, the developer needs to develop the app considering this fact. The app must remain recognizable everywhere.
  •  Get the colors right
The right selection of the colors is also very important. It is recommended that the developer use a limited palette. Using too many colors make the icon perplexing. However, the developers’ talent lies in getting a very effective and explanatory app using one or two colors only. 
  •  Get rid of photos in app
In the app store there is no dearth of apps that uses photos. But somehow, this ambulation is not very promising. It is better to keep the photos off from the icon.
  • Too many texts complete NO
The icon is not meant to explain the complete thing about the app. For that purpose there will be content and UI. But the icon is just to attract the user and to give them an idea about the app. It’s just like the logo for a brand, which is more off like a tool for the retention of that brand. Hence, there is no need of using too much of text in the icon and making it look full. Rather the developer can keep it simple.
Being creative is the root to all. The developer must keep in mind that creativity always stands tall as it makes a thing unique. So as the icon is just like a face to the app, so the developer must take great efforts to make it as creative as possible. However, keeping the aforementioned points in mind is also very important.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Which are the top 15 most used programming languages?

Technology has moved on very vast from simple basic HTML coding to the coding of complex logic for creating high end apps. As the common people are getting more and more fond of gadgets and other forms of technological conveniences. The real essence of coding and programming are best understood by the engineers or the developers only, and the common man just enjoys the technological boom as the end user. However, even for the end user and especially for the programmer it is very important to stay updated with the latest of programming languages in the IT industry. While for the common man its just enough to know the names, ofcource, the programmer needs to be an expert on coding. Here check the current 15 programming languages that are mostly used.

1) SQL
SQL is a one type of special-purpose programming language that is used for managing data in database management system (RDBMS). SQL compromises a data manipulation and a data definition language. It is based on algebra and tuple relational calculus. The SQL programming is very much in demand, so is the programmer who has profound knowledge of this.

2) Java
Java language basically compromises different computer software products. It carries the specification of Sun Micro systems. After merging with Oracle Corporation, the two together provide a system used in the development of application software that is deployed in a computing environment with cross-platform.

JavaScript is a computer programming language which was originally employed along as a part of web browsers. The purpose of this was to initiate client-side script interaction with the users. Other applications were also facilitated such as control over the browser, alteration of the displayed document content, communicate asynchronously. Currently a Java script has become most popular in development of games and desktop applications.

4) C++
C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It is most often considered as the intermediate-level language. It is also one of the most commonly used programming languages that is used in a variety of operating systems or other hardware. It is majorly used in the development systems software, 
 application software, embedded software, device driver, and client applications, high-performance serve and gaming software, etc.

5) XML
XML is the acronym of Extensible Markup Language that describes a set of rules meant for encoding of documents in a format that readable to both human and machine. XML is preferred as a programming language because it supports simplicity and high usability over the Internet. It also forms the basis for RSS and XHTML.

6) C#
C# is considered as a multi-paradigm programming language, developed by Microsoft as apart of its .NET initiative. It encompasses programming discipline data can be identified by the following characteristics:
  • Strong typing
  • Declarative
  • Functional
  • Procedural
  • Generic
  • Object-oriented (class-based)
  • Component-oriented
7) Python
Python is a general-purpose which is widely used for high-level programming. The language mainly emphasis on code readability by allowing the programmer to express the language syntax in fewer lines of code. This makes the language more code readable as compared to C language. Python is being used even by notable players like Google and NASA owing to a high level of clarity in the codes. The very popular data management software drop box has been written using this language.

8) C Language
C as a programming language is perhaps the most heard one. It is kind of all time programming languages. In fact many other programming languages such as C#, D, Jave, Go, JavaScript, LPC, Limbo, Perl, Python, PHP etc has been borrowed from Java directly or indirectly.

9) Perl
Pearl identifies a set of two high-level general-purpose programming languages called Perl 5 and Perl 6. These are two interested and dynamic language that shares features common with another programming language such as C, AWK, and sad. The language supports powerful text processing facilities that too without interruption of any data-length limits. In the 90s, Perl got very popular for its ability to create CGI scripts. Apart from being used in web development, this is also used for building system administration, desktop apps, games, Bioinformatics, etc.

10) HTML
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the most integral markup language that is used for creating web pages. Like XML, it also readable by both human and machine. The coding for website design is done using the HTML tags. The tags are not displayed in the browser but the browser displays the website reading the HTML document only.

11) PHP
PHP is the server-side scripting language, which also holds its significance in domain web development. But it also used sometime as the general-purpose programming language. The large number of websites that deal with every day are all powered by PHP only. In fact there are around 20 million websites that run on PHP including Facebook and Wikipedia.

12) Objective-C
Objective-C is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It is almost a 30 year old programming language. Apples’ iOS and OS X are programmed using this language. The language is very much in demand in the programming industry.

13) AJAX
AJAX acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. As clear from its name, this programming language that is used for creating asynchronous web applications. Using Ajax application data can be sent or retrieved from a server asynchronously that too without disturbing or altering the display and behavior of the existing page.

ASP.NET, developed by Microsoft is a Web application framework . It is used in the Web development, especially in the creation of dynamic Web pages. The ability of ASP.NET to create dynamic websites and web applications keep it very popular among developers.

15) Ruby
Ruby is almost a 20 years old scripting language that is still very much in demand for features like dynamic and general-purpose. It is an object-oriented programming influenced by the syntax of Perl, Eiffel and Lisp. The language supports multiple programming paradigms and has a dynamic type system and automatic memory management.