Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Collaboration of mobile apps with business intelligence

There is an exponential growth in the usage of smartphones & tablets and most of the enterprises are adapting the trends of business intelligence, big data analytics and BYOD at a higher pace.
The field of mobile apps and business intelligence (BI) are becoming an integral part responsible for each other’s growth. With so many mobile apps that are being developed over the years, a huge amount of data are being generated that can be related to user behavior, interest or needs. Ability to understand these app data and analyze them using BI tools can be very beneficial for the business growth. 
Importance of Business Intelligence & Big Data in Mobile Apps World

No matter how much data is generated, the capability to turn accurate knowledge into power for business insights makes big data industry a very important and reliable source. The insight into the customers’ world that is analyzed through mobile apps data helps in making new business possibilities & focus on what the target users need. With the right data, business owners may come up with a products/services that ensure good ROI that will, in turn, generate more data by attracting more users. That is why mobile apps and big data needs to collaborate with each other for the growth. It is necessary to ensure that every Mobile Application DevelopmentCompany focuses on building apps that provide not just great user experience but are also enabled with BI strategy and big data analytics
Most of the mobile apps are now using the concept of BI and big data tools, as apps can analyze the users’ related data & use it to improve the services provided to them. The apps that use big data analytics allow users to search any desired information quickly & easily. BI techniques are equally important for enterprise apps to boost productivity, sales and provide many other benefits for the business. To make the best use of advanced analytics tools, include features like Geolocation, microphone, etc. while building the mobile apps. However, it is recommended that before hiring the app developer, discuss thoroughly on How Much to Make an App will cost, as it is also an important factor for the mobile apps.

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