Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Content within a Context!

It’s the era of digital finesse, where content rules the context! There is an increased usage of smart devices that run on multiple platforms, feature a wide range of screen sizes and display resolutions, warranting the optimization of websites for viewability across devices. The elements used earlier for designing interfaces have been transformed to accommodate these changes, so as to allow web developers in California create highly intuitive interfaces. If earlier, the norm was to ensure that websites were content-specific, rather than functioning in a specified context; it’s no longer so. This ‘context’ used to be either a device or screen that the user would view or interact with.

Ever since devices have become smarter with advanced hardware specifications, screen resolutions and displays, the idea of the ‘contexts’ has changed. The content-driven web pages are now realigned to cater to the variations in hardware specifications and platform-browser adaptability. This has led to reorganization of content to effectively fit within the viewing environment, which has been achieved with the use of Responsive web design. A Responsive design utilizes the concept of fluid grids that allows the user to adapt the content according to viewing environments, i.e., the environment within which the content is to be viewed.

Clavax Technologies caters to a diverse client base spread over the world and operating in varied industry verticals. There is a certified team of web developers in California who is responsible for rendering solutions in web design, development, and deployment through to maintenance at times. The company ensures that the solutions being designed by them are capable of only meeting the client requirements as well as specifications. Additional services offered by the company include content management (with Kentico Development), data analytics and legacy modernization.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Technology is the New Intermediary for Real Estate Ventures

Technology has become the intermediary in most real estate ventures as more and more users take to the web or their smartphones to search for properties – an activity earlier fulfilled by agents or brokers. Research and analytics from various sources suggest that almost 90% millennial buyers now run their property searches on a mobile device. These online property searches and purchases have not only become popular, they have also paved way for digitizing other types of erstwhile offline services like auctions or property verification.

As a result of real estate ventures emulating technology, offline auctions have also moved to the web from where users can participate in real time bidding. Running online auctions are usually facilitated by real estate online auction software, which are either developed according to the business needs or customized to suit the requirements. And, to create or to implement the software, the real estate ventures either need to hire a team of specialized developers or outsource their technology requirements. The real estate agencies can tie-up with one of the many technology outsourcing partners for developing highly specialized modules to run the same. 

As technology outsourcing partners, Clavax Technologies offers high-end services in conceptualizing as well as developing real estate websites or apps for their clients. The company also has valuable experience in developing customized real estate online auction software for their real estate clients. The company also offers other technology solutions related to mobile, web and analytics, depending on pre-ordained specifications.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Latest Trends in Web Development

Survival without technology has almost become impossible and there is an increasing demand for faster, efficient technology solutions for the web user. Most of the website design elements popular just last year now seem passé; design and development elements are undergoing a significant revamp. In this blog, we examine a few of the dominant trends observed in designing or developing a website:

1. The use of flexible and fluid grids instead of fixed grids to allow multiple device accessibility options.

2. A sleek, interactive user interface with minimal navigation to enhance user experience on the website.

3. Interactivity is vital for any application – it can make or break brands if not implemented or utilized properly.

4. Optimized performance is also a key element of the websites being developed these days. Typically, statistics for e-commerce sites suggest that websites with load times of more than 5 seconds leads to almost 50% of users abandoning their visits.

As a web application development company California, Clavax is dedicated to implementing the newest design elements into the products being developed by them. The development teams also ensure that the web pages are not only optimized for performance but are also device and platform independent. Furthermore, the company has a highly experienced team of iPhone app developers who cater to clients specifically on the lookout for an iPhone app development company California.

Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Most Popular Web Development Languages

The affinity towards a particular web development language can definitely vary from one coder to the other or even on the type of applications being developed. But, the driving force behind this affinity can largely be attributed to factors like programming platform, server software and database to be used as well as prior expertise. In this blog, we take a look at technologies preferred by most companies and web developers in California alike.

1. PHP

PHP is one highly powerful web development language for developing data-driven websites and works quite well with databases like MySQL. The websites that handle some or other kind of data are often built on PHP; it is also the technology powering content management platforms like WordPress.

2. Python

Web applications, statistics, user interfaces, data analyzes – there is nothing that cannot be done with Python! There are a multitude of frameworks in Python that can be effectively utilized to code any kind of module for a web application.

3. Ruby

Ruby was designed to be object-oriented, reflective, dynamic as well as a general purpose programming language. With features like auto memory management and dynamic type system, Ruby along with Ruby on Rails framework is highly powerful and straightforward.

4. .NET

It’s not exactly a language, but a framework that is a key component of Microsoft services, application development, and cloud. Web development California companies use the .NET framework along with the C# language to design dynamic and powerful web applications.

5. JavaScript

A multi-paradigm language, JavaScript is a part of every application designed for the modern web browsers. JavaScript is popular with web developers in California to implement interactivity on the websites; it can also be used to create user interfaces using any of its dozen frameworks.

Clavax, a web development California company, has been offering technology solutions in developing efficient and highly interactive web applications. There are certified web developers in California, who have had the experience as well as exposure in working with some or other web development technologies mentioned above. They have been successful in rendering high-end services to their clients from varied industry verticals.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Latest Feature in Real Estate Websites: Online Auctions

It has been some time since real estate websites have managed to make a mark in the virtual world and people have lapped up every form of service offered by these websites. This has led to a stage wherein the need to implement new features is rapidly rising; features that would radically improve the users’ browsing experiences. Enter real estate online action software – software that has been designed with the primary aim of carrying out the offline auction procedure on the web. Real estate online auction software components are particularly commendable as they power some of the rapidly growing real estate websites around the globe.

The real estate online auction software integrates a series of attributes into the application, which are designed to aid both buyers and sellers to effectively participate in auctions online. These auctions take place in real time, i.e., bids are placed as an impression of a “programmatic instantaneous action”. The bids are updated at the auctioneers and buyers end, very much like an offline auction process. Furthermore, real estate online auction software can include features like upcoming event listing; allow event-specific registrations, enhanced search options and live chat functionalities. They can be optimized to include an automated bidding module as well.

Based in California, Clavax technologies LLC is a provider of technology solutions, services and consulting to clients operating in industries that are as diverse as their demographics. There are certified Kentico developers, who have an immense contribution in developing multiple high-end web applications. Besides Kentico developers, there are certified web and mobile application developers in technologies (PHP, Python, .NET) and tools (XCODE, Android).

Friday, March 13, 2015

Popular Development Frameworks of PHP

Sophisticated websites and high-end technologies have become quite synonymous with each other in the past few years. Many enterprises have adopted the outsourcing option to meet their project development requirements to a web development California company, who not only hold the requisite expertise in their respective domains, but are also well-informed. A few frameworks of the PHP web development technology used by these technology outsourcing partners are listed as under:

1. Zend Server:

Available in five different versions and with support for IBM i, Linux, Windows and OS X platforms, the Zend Server is utilized for applications that require high levels of security and reliability. It is an integrated platform for developing both mobile and web applications.

2. CodeIgniter:

It is a lightweight and rapid web development framework having a very small footprint, which is utilized in developing dynamic web sites, faster.

3. CakePHP:

Another popular framework of PHP, CakePHP utilizes less codes that increases the speed of development, while making it easier and simpler to develop web applications.

4. Slim:

It is a micro framework of the PHP programming language, which allows programmers to write scripts quickly in creating powerful APIs along with web applications.

Clavax acts as your technology outsourcing partners in leveraging your business with the latest web development technologies and marketing strategies. The company offers a slew of services and solutions in the web, mobile and data analytics categories to their clients from around the globe. As a web development California company, the company excels in developing web applications a multitude of web technologies like PHP, JavaScript, .NET and Python, to name a few. They also offer customized technology solutions to their clients, tailored to the client specifications and requirements.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Integrate Real Estate Online Auction Software?

Web applications, in today’s times, are more than being just an enterprise’s online identity; they are a form of online connectivity between various businesses and their respective customers. It is highly essential that app makers or service providers determine a few vital requirements like target audience, demographic, functions and deployment type before proceeding with development. This is because the failure of most applications is based on trying to do incorporate too many wayward features, missing out the most important ones. A web development company California can be hired to incorporate these vital elements of a web application design.

Moving on, for businesses dealing in the real estate industry, their prime services include buying, renting and selling of properties; and in some cases carrying out live auctions online that too in real time. The web development company California can customize their real estate online auction software to fit in with their client requirements and the intended target audience. This online auction software facilitates the users to place their bids for any property online, as the auction progresses. Once a user wins a bid, the necessary paperwork can also be processed on the web.

Clavax Technologies is a web development company California that has been providing a wide spectrum of technology solutions as well as services to a diverse global clientele. Their portfolio of work is quite diverse with some of the most prominent clients belonging to industries like real estate, e-commerce, education, banking and financials, etc. The company has been highly successful in developing real estate online auction software for some of their most notable clients from the real estate industry.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Application Development – Content over Design?

Over the years, as static web development technologies have evolved to make way for dynamic development, the design principles too have changed! When earlier, project development followed a semantic approach starting with the creation of application design; it is no longer the same. Nowadays, web developers in California have adapted a content-specific approach to developing high-end applications for both mobile as well as the web.

As the design-first approach gives way to content-first approach, the web developers in California are presented with the following advantages in their application design structure:
  • Having a prior idea about the content to be presented on the website gives a certain level of flexibility to the designers in terms of placement and screen layouts.
  • This approach also allows the web developers to outline the basic functionality of the application in the first stage of the HTML creation.
  • Having access to the application content first also eliminates a lot of probable confusions during the process of writing HTML pseudo codes.
  • Developing the application based on this content-first approach not only increases the time-to-market, but also ensures that a scalable and flexible product is built.
A provider of technology services and solutions, Clavax Technologies LLC has a highly skilled team of Android app developers and web developers in California. The company follows an iterative project development approach, which facilitates product modules to be created and shipped at the earliest instance. Furthermore, this Agile development methodology followed by web developers in California does not necessitate “locking down” requirements, meaning clients can now add features even while the application is “in development”.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Taking part in online auctions? Learn how!

The real estate industry has managed to get a strong foothold on the web, given the increasing usage of Internet along with mobile devices. Statistical figures suggest that nearly 90% people now turn to the Internet to search for properties, while local searches account for 69% of online home search activities. No wonder real estate websites are on the rise, but these services have so evolved that willing consumers can even purchase and sale properties online. Real estate online auction software is one such example of high-end services being offered by property listing websites.

Real estate online auction software facilitates buyers to place bids online against properties of their choice. The software modules can be customized to suit the requirements of the business owners and can also be easily integrated into existing real estate websites as well. All that the user needs to do is register themselves for an online auction event and place their bids; these bids are placed and calculated in real time. Besides placing bids online, visitors of these real estate websites also have the option of getting their paperwork and purchase document verified online.

Clavax Technologies LLC is a provider of technology services and solutions, with particular excellence in real estate online auction software development and integration. The company caters to a diverse set of clients, whose technology requirements and functional industry varies from engineering & manufacturing, e-commerce, real estate to non-profit organizations. They also have a highly skilled and certified team of Kentico developers to build efficient websites that have a faster time-to-market.