Friday, March 13, 2015

Popular Development Frameworks of PHP

Sophisticated websites and high-end technologies have become quite synonymous with each other in the past few years. Many enterprises have adopted the outsourcing option to meet their project development requirements to a web development California company, who not only hold the requisite expertise in their respective domains, but are also well-informed. A few frameworks of the PHP web development technology used by these technology outsourcing partners are listed as under:

1. Zend Server:

Available in five different versions and with support for IBM i, Linux, Windows and OS X platforms, the Zend Server is utilized for applications that require high levels of security and reliability. It is an integrated platform for developing both mobile and web applications.

2. CodeIgniter:

It is a lightweight and rapid web development framework having a very small footprint, which is utilized in developing dynamic web sites, faster.

3. CakePHP:

Another popular framework of PHP, CakePHP utilizes less codes that increases the speed of development, while making it easier and simpler to develop web applications.

4. Slim:

It is a micro framework of the PHP programming language, which allows programmers to write scripts quickly in creating powerful APIs along with web applications.

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