Friday, May 29, 2015

5 reasons to move real estate business online

By this time, your business should already have made its virtual way into the digital world of mobile and web apps. However, if you are not there already, it is high time you thought of implementing a mobile-centric business strategy for your real estate services. A mobile or a web application ensures that your business is accessible to the tech-savvy millennial population.

Here are five reasons (statistics) affirming why you should utilize/ incorporate/ implement online real estate software solutions for your business:

1.    The mobile and web usage by millennials for real estate has increased 81% and 30%, over a period of May, 2013 to July 2014, respectively.

2.    Mobile devices accounted for 44% of the searches for one or other form of real estate services.

3.    Of the half of the total millennial population in the U.S. that visited a real estate website in July 2014, thirty-six percent of those were accessed from mobile devices. The numbers indicate that millennials are twice as likely, if not more, to explore information on real estate on mobile devices.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Material Design and its 4 Principles

A new language for interface design termed the “Material Design”, was the outcome of Google’s Project Kennedy and Holo. The main objective of this new design paradigm was to replace esthetically anti-pleasant interfaces of older Android versions with a consistent view across all devices with varying screen sizes. Basically evolving from Holo, the Material Design concept aims to be the one single decree binding all Android app developers as well as designers. Let’s find out the four main elements of Material Design.

1.    Tactile Surface:

The structure of this latest design language for Android development comprises tangible layers or objects in the form of “sheets” of “quantum paper”, also called layers in general. These so-called layers follow the general laws of physics, in essence that they can essentially be thought of as 3-D orientations with x, y, and z-axes. They can be stacked, aligned at varying heights or can connect and stretch, casting shadows that distinguish one from the other with respect to their relative positioning. The shadows enable users to understand their interface in a better way!

2.    Print Design:

It can very well be just another fancy substitute for digital ink! Having established that material design is nothing but “sheets of quantum paper”, so in effect everything placed on these sheets is digital ink. The two aspects of print design – font and typography – are vital elements in defining the structure of content along with the identity of the application.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Putting your Enterprise in Motion, the App-way

A recent analytics report from comScore suggests that of the 187.5 million smartphones owners in the U.S, Apple OEMs with a market share of 42.6 percent rank the highest among subscribers. In addition, as the mobile device users outgrow the number of desktops - in terms of both the hardware and activities – mobile apps are no longer an option they are a priority. The mobile application has become a formidable source for increasing visibility for businesses, making them an effective channel for digital marketing.

To reiterate the value of the aforementioned numbers, here are a few benefits of developing an iPhone app for a business:

1.    First off, an app presents a more personalized way of connecting to your consumers. A brand can leverage their mobile presence by drawing inferences from the fact that an average American spends more than 2 hours of the day on their mobile devices.

2.    By integrating push notifications into the basic functionality of the apps, a business can present highly customized content to the users while ensuring that it is available at their fingertips.

3.    Users usually prefer a fuss-free mobile experience and collaborating with any iPhone app development company can be a viable initiative for the businesses to ensure the same. 

4.    Mobile applications are also another form of engaging consumers. As a business, customer loyalty is an important asset for driving traffic and improving your ROIs (returns on investments).

As a mobile application development company, Clavax Technologies has the requisite resource and experience in delivering a superior mobile app solution to clients from varied industrial sectors. The team of iPhone app developers in the company is highly proactive in the sense that market trends and the latest technologies are the basis for developing a high-end iPhone app.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Data Analytics – Facts-based Strategic Reforms

Research and analytics have assumed a prominent role as enterprises move towards the implementation of data-driven initiatives in their decision-making processes and strategies. Surveys have indicated a 125% increase in the number of organizations implementing data analytics solutions in 2015, as compared to the past year. Besides, the data investments deployed by enterprises have also gone up to $13.8 million. The enterprises that implement analytics can invariably discover deeper connections in their existing or incoming set of raw information accumulated from multiple data channels.

Big data and analytics solutions have never been more important than now as organizations implement a predictive analytics model to leverage their ROIs from their competitors. It has become a top priority for most organizations, as can be inferred from a research suggesting 27% companies consider it a top priority for their business. An enterprise incorporating big data and analytics solutions while formulating decisions or strategic reforms can further quantify the output of their marketing campaigns, customer experiences, and in general, their overall improvement.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The 5 Factors Defining Successful Mobile Apps

The iOS platform has reportedly managed to generate revenues to the tune of half a billion dollars driven by its 1.2 million apps and related in-app purchases. There are numerous factors affecting revenues, however, we try to highlight five factors pertaining to the success of a mobile application.

These five key points include factors that are responsible driving traffic to your exceptionally built iPhone apps: 
  • The end users matter a lot when it comes to the success of an app, because it’s the users who dictate the terms of an app’s success, to an extent! A user is most likely to recommend an app to a friend if that application manages to provide them with a smooth navigation along with an interactive user interface. On the other hand, the same users are likely to uninstall their application if they encounter frequent crashes and performance issues.
  • An engaging user interface goes a long way in ensuring that users access the right performance and functionality at the right time. As per a report from Forrester, 40% consumers place high values on improved user experiences.
  • Businesses need to analyze, understand and manage the inherent costs related to developing the app. They can apply statistical tools to identify the major areas
  • Optimization is yet another vital tool contributing towards the success of an application – one factor applies to all segments of the development process right from design, coding, costs and usage.
An iPhone app development company can offer insights on not only the technical aspects of a mobile development project, but also on its monetizing aspects as well. Clavax Technologies is a San Jose, California based company specializing in mobile application development offering services in the design as well of development of high-end applications for the iOS platform.

Friday, May 8, 2015

How can E-Retailers Leverage Big Data?

Mobile has become the primary mode of engagement for most users nowadays and enterprises are only beginning to understand the importance of a mobile-centric consumer engagement model. The ecommerce industry, specifically speaking, is making its way into offering a mobile-friendly user experience for their consumers. Further validating the rise of e-retailers is statistics from ComScore, indicating a 14% rise in digital revenue to $268.5 billion (U.S), of which mobile commerce jumped 28% to contribute $31.6 billion. These e-retailers have either a mobile website or native mobile application for their products, catering to their mobile consumers.

The online retailers are also leveraging the value of big data and analytics solutions to present their customers with a highly customized shopping experience based on their browsing or buying behavior. Assisting them in their big data analytics initiative are technology service providers with their necessary data analytics tools and infrastructure. Besides, with digital personalization becoming another reckoning factor to bring back old customers while engaging newer ones, offering a seamless and intuitive mobile browsing experience is vital. For this very purpose, a mobile application development company can be highly effective.

Based in San Jose, California, Clavax Technologies is a mobile application development company rendering services in the conceptualizing, designing and developing highly feature-oriented mobile apps. With expertise in mobile application development technologies like Objective C, Swift and Java, besides being proficient in mobile platforms like Android and iOS, the team of developers ensures that an interactive product is rolled off the shelves.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Integrate your Online Marketing using Kentico

Digital marketing has become quite an essential part of a business enterprise’s road to success and 72% of the enterprises agree to this fact. However, there are multiple marketing channels and certain limitations arise with regard to integrating all marketing parameters into one single platform. A survey by eMarketer suggests that only a handful of enterprises, about 25 – 30%, have been successful in fully integrating social and mobile marketing channels to their marketing platform. On the other hand, 60% of the organizations have managed to integrate email marketing and websites into their marketing channels.

It is possible for digital marketers to configure and integrate the major marketing channels into one single platform – the Kentico Online Marketing Dashboard – with the Kentico development platform. This unique console presents a holistic view of their customers, enabling users or marketers to manage all their email, mobile, website and social marketing activities from within a consolidated view. Another extremely handy feature of Kentico is its social media integration capability. This feature allows automatic posting of updates to Facebook or Twitter and the generation of analytics reports from within the system dashboard. By integrating an organization’s online marketing requirements into Kentico, marketers can even create highly personalized consumer experiences for their users.

Clavax Technologies LLC is a web development company California that excels in providing scalable and highly interactive web solutions to their clients. The company is also a Kentico Gold partner and as such has a highly qualified and certified Kentico development team that facilitates the creation of high-end web content management systems.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Advantage of ‘Speed’ in Analytics

Variety, volume, velocity and value – These factors are of no consequence if organizations are not able to derive actionable insights instantaneously and in real time. This fifth dimension – speed – is essential for enterprises to draw quick insights on the analyzed information and to ensure the value of derived information. Adding further credibility to speedy analytics is the projected growth rate of data by the year 2020, which says the world will see 40 zettabytes of data, increasing at 50 times per year. In addition, market surveys suggest that almost 73% of the organizations spend 20% of their IT budget on leveraging their big data solutions.

A look at three prominent advantages of applying ‘speed’ to analytics:

1.    The returns from investments on big data analytics have become faster. In a recent survey by IBM, 63% of the surveyed companies are experiencing returns within a year while 26% are generating ROIs within half a year.

2.    Big data and analytics solutions are now used for solving operational challenges as well, while customer personalization continues alongside. A survey shows that 40% enterprises are utilizing analytics for addressing operational issues.

3.    Last, but not the least, the entire businesses are getting re-invented using technology and data analytics solutions are driving businesses in achieving this feat powered by access to well-organized information.

Clavax Technologies is a provider of big data and analytics solutions to businesses and empower them with actionable insights on their markets, consumers and latest products or services. Besides offering analytics solutions, the company also has a team of web developers in California to create intuitive and easy to navigate websites for their clients.