Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Increase App User Engagement?

According to a Forrester research, “great apps”, as perceived by business leaders, generated 79% more in advertising and sales revenue than the “good apps”. The study also observed that “great apps” offer greater cost savings. So, what factors ensure the success of a mobile app? How can the visibility of apps increase in their respective app stores? What drives users to engage with a particular app more than other apps? Why some applications are downloaded in millions while others barely once?

The crux of the matter here is visibility – the more the number of users who view the app, more the number of downloads and more are the purchases!

In order to ensure that the app is easily discoverable in the stores, the Android app development company

Friday, October 16, 2015

Do You Need an App for Your Real Estate Business?

Picture this:

You are in 1964 and you need to look for properties. What do you do? You get a copy of your local newspaper and scan through advertisements. The percentage of people who scanned through newspaper or print ads was a mere 40% while 7% drove around looking for open houses.

Fast forward to 2014 and the scenario flips over!

For a generation that strives on the efficiency and effectiveness of a connected digital environment, how has the house-hunt changed gears over half a century? Research suggests that websites accounted for 84% home searches while apps or mobile searches accounted for 50% of the home searches; searches for open houses have gone up to 44%.

How has the advancements in technology over the years changed the real estate market? Do you need a web or a mobile app to enhance consumer engagement? Can an online real estate software company

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why Integrate Architecture with Data Analytics?

Having a large pool of enterprise data and being able to derive business value from the same data are two very different things. While the availability of such volumes of datasets is no surprise for large enterprises, the access, analysis and manipulation may require some deliberation. However, despite the advancements in technology and computing infrastructure over the years, there are still numerous legacy system architectures in place, making it difficult for enterprises to accumulate data from silos.

This is why the effectiveness of implementing big data analytics solutions relies on the ability of the enterprise to automatically and effortlessly integrate data collected from multiple sources.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Enhancing E-Commerce with Integrated Marketing

Managing your content along with your marketing campaigns becomes easier with the latest release of Kentico version 8.2. With this release, the Kentico content management provider has further strengthened their integrated services segment. The latest iteration of the system includes enhancements targeted at further enhancing the users’ experiences with improved e-commerce and integrated marketing. In the words of the company’s CTO, Martin Hejtmanek, “we moved the platform to a whole new level by covering a lot of hot topics for developers, but we have also redesigned the whole UI to better match the current needs of less technical users, and improved the overall user experience.” 

The focus has been on empowering marketers to develop and deliver the right messages at the right instances through the digital channel. Here are a few prominent enhancements that marketers can implement for improving their brand marketing processes.

1. SharePoint Synchronization

The streamlined SharePoint Integrator ensures bi-directional ease-of-use for content publishers, making it effortless to share content from Kentico to SharePoint and vice versa, without having to switch screens. Users can display lists, files, document libraries and picture galleries using the built-in SharePoint connector with the Kentico enterprise Content Management System.