Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Build Engaging Apps With An Iphone App Development Company

Apple Inc. has recently launched two new devices, the Phone 6 and iPhone 6plus along with an upgraded version of its operating system, the iOS version 8. The new devices and the latest version of the operating system would mean that existing apps would require upgrades while other new and interesting apps are being developed. Upcoming enterprises and businesses looking to expand their consumer base are enlisting the services of mobile application development companies California to help them build their mobile apps. These companies offer innumerable and cost-effective solutions to their mobile development clients to help them in developing mobile applications.
Some advantages of having an iOS app developed by an iPhone app development company are listed as under:
  • Reach out to a larger audience
    A mobile app has the ability to pull in more consumers with their round-the-clock accessibility feature, thereby increasing the user's engagement in an enterprise's products and services.
  • Increased ROI
    Increasing customer engagement as well as a robust system architecture ensures that there is an increase in the return on investments for your business to thrive and prosper.
  • Increase brand value
    You can market and increase your brand value by offering dedicated services and support to your consumers via demos, featured videos and other product-related information.
  • Communicate directly with your consumers
    An app lets business houses establish a direct connection with their consumers and can easily cater to their diverse needs and requirements anytime, anywhere.
  • Effectively access products and services
    An iPhone mobile phone app is highly effective and efficient as consumers can easily search through products and services on offer by the business house.
Clavax is an off-shore iPhone app development company that offers complete product ideation and deployment solutions to its clients. There is a dedicated team working on developing applications only for the iOS platform. The mobile application development companies California present scalable and flexible application development solutions to their clients that can be customized as per their requirements.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Expand Your Consumer Base With Mobile Development Solutions

Smartphones have become the catchphrase these days and businesses have come up with a novel idea to stay connected to their customers throughout – the mobile apps! Although websites serve the same purpose as a mobile app, the fact that mobile apps are created to fulfill a specific purpose makes them a more viable option for businesses to expand their consumer base. There are a number of companies which specialize in the design and development of mobile applications for different OS platforms.

In keeping up with new and emerging technologies, enterprises are looking to develop efficient and cost-effective applications for the web and mobile devices. The web application development company New York offers mobile development solutions, in addition to providing services for web applications development. This mobile app development company takes care of all stages of application development right from conceptualizing the UI design to the deployment stage. The company has a team of technology experts and consultants who make sure that their client specifications are met in the best possible manner.

Advantages of having a mobile app:
  • Compatibility
  • Upgradability
  • Accessibility
  • Wider reach
  • Easy-to-share
  • Instant Availability
Clavax is a web application development company New York that excels in providing clients with mobile development solutions to escalate their existing business practices. The mobile application developers ensure that the mobile development solutions offered to the client are scalable, flexible and customizable to accommodate any future requirements of the client. Also, the mobile apps being developed are optimized to run on smartphones powered by multiple operating systems.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kentico Development - Upgraded To 8.1 Version

Kentico is a .Net based, enterprise-level web content management system (CMS) that enables both developers and users to manage content on their websites efficiently and effectively. If the previous versions were designed keeping in mind the ease-of-access for users of the system, the newly updated Kentico version 8.1 is even better. The entire user interface has been redesigned to make it more organized and the navigation system has been enhanced based on user recommendations. Kentico development with this latest version is set to become even more effortless with the new set of tools to optimize functionality for websites that use Kentico CMS solutions.
A few features from the Kentico 8.1 development solutions:
  • LinkedIn Integration
    Users are allowed to schedule, automate and post workflows from within Kentico for publishing in LinkedIn. Marketers can also manage their company profiles on LinkedIn, directly from the Kentico dashboard.
  • SharePoint integration improvements
    Allows the sharing and displaying data with native Microsoft libraries from SharePoint; multiple connections to SharePoint can be set-up with the same Kentico connection.
  • Live Tiles and Updated dashboard
    Now developers can populate their dashboard with the frequently used applications to get previews of statistics in real-time in the form of customized live tiles.
  • Online marketing Performance improvements
    The Kentico Development version 8.1 is designed to lower the performance footprint of its online marketing modules for faster response time and the ability to handle more traffic during peak hours.
  • Buy X, Get Y Discounts
    Kentico development with this new version will enable store owners to configure and customize your discount schemes in a more sophisticated manner.
Clavax is a Kentico certified partner and an offshore software development company that offers a wide range of software development options using Kentico CMS solutions. There is a dedicated and highly skilled team of Kentico certified developers to render services like creative design, custom Kentico web development modules, Content analysis and migration, testing & QA and upgrading an existing website with Kentico CMS solutions.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kentico Development To Efficiently Manage Your E-Commerce Website

The key to having an always up e-commerce website is to have an efficient content management system and a scalable site architecture. E-commerce websites are exploding in numbers by the day and in such a scenario, businesses should create websites that are flexible and can be upgraded as and when required. Enlisting the services of a web development company San Jose to develop a website for your expanding your businesses on the web can save you a lot of time and costs in getting the intricacies of the project right. The professional web developers utilize the functionalities of Kentico Development to create fully-integrated e-commerce sites.

Advantages of using Kentico development tools:
  • Wide range of in-built functionalities and availability of more than 450 web templates reduces development time by more than half.
  • A highly-flexible customization model along with the Kentico CMS allows easy integration with the system's existing back-end.
  • The efficient Content Management System of the Kentico development tool enables users and developers to maintain store and maintain large repositories of data in the website.
  • Features like customizable payment gateway, with support for multiple currency payment, makes the e-commerce websites developed using Kentico technology are sure winners.
Clavax is a web development company San Jose pioneering the use of Kentico CMS for developing and managing websites, especially e-commerce sites. The Kentico development IDE enables developers to handle multiple websites from a single user interface, which considerably reduces the time required to switch between windows. Furthermore, the Kentico CMS facilitates the creation a flexible and scalable website that can effortlessly handle large chunks of product inventories.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Mobile Development Solutions To Cater To The Burgeoning Mobile User

The global smartphone user base is expected to touch 1.75 billion in 2014 and with it, more and more people are going online via their mobile devices. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative that organizations change their business strategies and come up with interesting and intuitive applications in favor of the mobile Internet user. This mobile user base extensively utilizes their smartphones, tablets and phablets to scour for and absorb information from the Internet and more often then not, are in search of applications that would enhance their experience.

If people have ideas about creating a mobile app, but lack the specific skills and infrastructure, they can easily approach any web development company San Jose for their mobile development solutions. And the enterprises offering mobile development solutions are very much in demand to help clients convert their ideas into creating smart, stunning and feature-rich applications for various mobile platforms. The key factors to be kept in mind while planning to get a mobile app developed are listed as under:

  • Target Users
  • Mobile platform for which it is being developed
  • Utilities and functionalities to be incorporated
  • Whether to make it responsive or not
  • Adaptability in devices with multiple screen sizes
  • Scalable for future upgradation

Clavax is a web development company San Jose specializing in the design and development of mobile applications with varying degrees of functionalities. These mobile development solutions are compatible with multiple mobile devices and are programmed to run on different operating system platforms, effectively easing the life of multitude of smartphone users. Our mobile development solutions are flexible and scalable and even customizable to fit in with our client's requirements.