Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Salesforce.Com Mobile Chatter Gets Upgraded With The Version Four

Revolutionizing the way of on-go collaboration, Salesforce mobile Chatter app successfully delivered what it had promised. Now, moving a step ahead, Salesforce is soon to live the fourth version of its Mobile Chatter Application, most likely on 29th July. Chatter Mobile is a no charge app and at the time of launch, it will be available for iOS devices only and the Android support, probably, will be out later this year. 
Like other flagship software of Salesforce, this new app is also going to be a high tech collaboration software that will facilitate the users to have a more smooth and advance way of viewing, retrieving and writing back data to the core CRM (customer relationship management) system.
This fourth version will be new in light of the fact that it will not just allow the users to read Salesforce records such as Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Contacts, etc. but will also allow them to edit those. The new feature will endow the Chatter mobile users with the power to edit Salesforce.com records that can be customer-service cases, sales leads or others. 
The second key feature of the latest version will be the users’ accessibility to Salesforce.com dashboards main CRM application through Chatter mobile. Custom Actions can be counted as the third key feature that will allow the administrators to create new workflows. Means, the administrator will be able to do tasks like put an inventory request, approve a job candidate and add them to the Chatter mobile interface. Custom Actions are likely to be a very helpful tool facilitating users to have advantages like of "micro-moments" This will enable them to get their real work done on the go itself, instead of waiting to come back to the desk for getting things done.

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