Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The 4 Aspects of Web Development

Connectivity is one word that has assumed newer dimensions in today’s mobile world – people, devices, applications – everything is connected. And synchronizing applications on the current motley of devices and platforms could be a daunting task indeed, if the right tools and technologies are lacked. A web application development company California can be an effective partner for a business looking at developing cost-effective and optimized web application. With their expertise and deep domain knowledge, this web application development company California can offer valuable insights on the following aspects of web development:

1. An intuitive User Interface (UI) with an equally engaging User Experience (UX) goes a long way in ensuring user activity on the site.

2. The websites designed by a web development company have a flexible system architecture, which enables the business to scale their systems as and when the demand arises.

3. Another integral part of developing an optimized website is to have smooth navigation panes and controls with easy access, such that users are not forced to leave the site due to cluttered controls or menus.

4. Last but not the least, with web applications being accessed on numerous devises with varying screen resolutions, they develop websites that are Responsive.

Clavax Technologies is a provider of high-end technology solutions to clients who operate in industries as diverse as the geographies they reside. As a web application development company California, the team of IT specialists in the company is well-versed with current market trends and technology, facilitating the creation of feature-rich applications. Furthermore, as a provider of  IT solutions California, they follow an adaptive product development methodology that does not lock down features right at the start.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How can you Leverage your Real Estate Business, Online?

Studies show that around 40% of buyers found their properties of choice from Internet listings, while 89% utilize the power of mobile search engines at the onset of their searches. These numbers are an indicator towards the fact that mobile devices have indeed become an indispensable part of every activity. By moving your real estate business to the web or a mobile platform, you can tap into unlimited business opportunities, not to mention the high returns from an online business. A technology solutions provider, entrusted with developing a web application, can easily provide solutions for a mobile platform as well.

By partnering with a real estate software solutions company California, your business can be leveraged with the application of the below mentioned solutions:

  1. An effective online presence to ensure that you are able to reach out to as many customers as you want to, since Internet is the most preferred medium to search for service offerings.

  2. With the real estate software solutions company California, business can also get customized modules developed, specific to their technology requirements - highlighting specific functions and operations of the business.

  3. Mobile apps are believed to be a better form of engagement for users on the move and iPhones are some mighty coveted gadgets. An iPhone app development company California with their skilled design and development team can build an iPhone app for your business.

As a leading real estate software solutions company California, Clavax Technologies offers a plethora of technology services and solutions for their clients operating in the real estate industry. The team of developers takes into account the client businesses, their end users and current market trends while designing an effective web application for them. Additionally, the company also excels in the creation of highly interactive mobile applications for devices powered by the iOS operating system.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mobile Apps versus Websites

The world has indeed gone “mobile” in every possible way – busier lifestyles, faster work processes and 24x7 working capabilities. There are quite a few reasons as to why having a mobile application on the device is a better prospect than having to access the webpage directly. Let us take a look at the major factors in this context:
  • Applications are easier to access (one tap) as compared to opening a website (browser, followed by typing in the address)
  • Mobile applications are optimized for the device with interactive capabilities, making use of in-built device sensors, while the mobile website may have limited functionalities
  • Mobile apps are compatible across all mobile devices, whereas websites might require the development of separate versions depending on device types
  • Applications have the power of instant upgradability, which of course is not possible with a webpage
A mobile app development California company can be of vital assistance is strategizing and developing a mobile application for retail enterprises, which can very effectively showcase the brand’s products and services. These IT solutions California companies have ample knowledge of currently in-demand technologies and frameworks, besides being well-informed of market trends and consumer behavior.

Clavax Technologies is an IT solutions California company, specializing in the design and development of mobile applications. The company follows a distinct product development methodology for creating mobile apps to add value to their client’s business prospective. With a portfolio that boasts of mobile applications being built for diverse categories, it can easily qualify as one of the best mobile app development California companies in the recent times. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Impact of Mobile Evolution on Enterprises

In a world that is increasingly becoming wireless and is driven by new age technologies, it is becoming imperative that businesses focus on implementing a mobile-centric strategy. And if the organizations are looking at cost as well as time-effective solutions in devising such a strategy, they can easily acquire the services of an Android/ iPhone app development company California. These technology outsourcing companies are aware of the impact that mobile phones have on the consumer, current market trends and hence are better-equipped to assist their clients in finding a solution to their mobile development strategy.

If numbers are anything to go by, then not only are the devices running on the Android OS are popular, but the applications available on the Google PlayStore are even more popular. The Android app development company California can develop a highly scalable mobile application that is designed keeping in mind the user’s ease of navigation.

Apart from the Android OS, the iOS platform is highly preferred by many users. An iPhone app development company exclusively develops applications keeping in mind the hardware and UI of an iOS device. As clients who want to specifically target the iOS user base, the iPhone app development company California can be a formidable partner.

Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of a person’s life and it is only feasible that businesses deploy mobile-friendly applications. The Android app development company California is stepping up to provide high-end services and user engagement tools to their clients.

Clavax Technologies LLC is a technology outsourcing partner, providing end-to-end business solutions to their client as well as partner companies operating in diverse industry verticals. The company excels in the creation of mobile applications that are focused on high user engagement. As an iPhone app development company California, the company pays special attention in the development of mobile applications for devices running on iOS operating system. This fact holds true for Android application development as well.

Monday, January 5, 2015

How can Mobile App Developers Leverage your Business?

Mobile devices are taking up most of the user’s mobile device usage times and are slowly on the way to surpassing desktop usage. In the wake of the surge of smart phone sales and user engagement, mobile applications are being considered an effective tool to enhance communication between vendors and their clients. Here, in this blog, we look into how mobile app developers California can enhance your business revenues with their knowledge and expertise:
  • The applications developed by them feature scalable and flexible system architecture, enabling it to be effortlessly adapted to future requirements and technology advancements.
  • Mobile app developers California create applications to cater specifically to the enterprise’s target audience, which ensures that the app reaches out to the right consumers.
  • Not only do the mobile developers develop applications for mobile devices, they also act as a provider of IT solutions California for their clients and business associates.
  • The mobile app developers build feature-rich applications to offer efficient end user performance.
As a provider of IT solutions California, Clavax Technologies offers high-end technology solutions in response to the requirements of their clients and business partners, especially in implementing a mobile strategy. The team of mobile app developers California not only facilitates the creation of mobile applications, but also put in their valuable insights on current market trends.