Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Executing Consumer-Driven Marketing Strategies

The consumer along with their preferences is a major driving force behind most marketing campaigns executed by any business enterprise. Understanding the consumer behavior or being able to extract critical information from raw consumer data is highly critical to organizations in making informed business decisions or while developing their next marketing strategy. However, this is only possible if the marketers or businesses have access to marketing tools like analytics and report generation, in addition to keeping track of visitor trends.

All these tasks can effortlessly be handled with the Kentico web content management system. The platform offers an integrated marketing solution for business as well as the Kentico developers working on/ with the platform, which in turn enable businesses to track their customers, manage or score incoming leads. Kentico developer can leverage the built-in functionalities of the system in tracking users and user behavior on the websites. The services offered by a mobile application development company can also be enlisted by businesses wanting to formulate and execute consumer-driven marketing strategies for their consumers operating from mobile devices.

A Kentico Gold partner, Clavax has been developing highly intuitive web applications using the Kentico platform for their clients and partners from diverse industries. The platform allows a Kentico developer to not only increase their efficiency in development (there are numerous built in modules), but also allows for enhancing the effectiveness of the end product. In addition to being experts in developing projects with Kentico, the company offers mobile application development services in the latest technologies as well.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Content Management – Surpassing the Non-Technical Barrier

The emergence of consumer-centric content has led to business along with marketers to increase their focus on rendering websites with content targeted at their core audience. This requires the businesses to have a control over the content that they display on their websites, updating and editing it to ensure the standards set for the purpose are met. Kentico, as content management system, powers more than 18000 websites around the globe and is used by businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Being a content management system, Kentico includes more than 450 built-in webparts that can be integrated as is or can be customized to suit the requirements. Also, with the available plethora of content management features, a Kentico developer can integrate functionalities into web applications that allow even non-technical end-users to effortlessly access it. A few of these features include:
  • Uploading of files (text, audio, video) from a single dashboard window
  • A What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Versioning as well as archiving of available content
  • Creation of custom pages and Search engine optimization
  • Support for multilingual content as well as multiple languages
  • Managing website banners as well as translations
  • Linked documents feature that allows content to be re-used at multiple locations; just the same way a CSS is used in case of HTML and web development
A web development California company, Clavax offers technology services in the field of web, mobile and software application development. The company has experts in web application development, with extensive technical expertise in integrating a Content Management System, notably Kentico. Being a Kentico Gold partner, the company has a team comprising certified Kentico developer to assist clients in creating highly intuitive web applications.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boost Your Marketing Strategies with Kentico

The volatile nature of the markets has led to the rise and fall of trends every hour. In such a context, keeping track of the digital media metrics for a website becomes a prime concern for all businesses – from mid-sized to enterprise levels. A survey carried out by Kentico on the latest digital marketing trends shows that 26% of the high-performing marketing teams in organizations run digital marketing analyzes as a top priority activity.

As a technology platform, Kentico offers a diverse set of features for both developers and users of which its online marketing tool is highly notable. This inbuilt marketing tool in the system can be utilized to generate:
  • Web analytics reports (track statistics on yearly, monthly, daily or hourly basis);
  • Newsletters;
  • Multivariate and A/B testing modules;
  • Lead scoring (based on behavioral or demographic);
  • Content personalization;
  • Tracking conversions.
The built-in Kentico development module for Lead Scoring can be used for automatically categorizing the most promising leads and details related to those can be sent out to internal sales teams. Besides these features, there is also a Contact management module that presents a 360-degree view of the customer – their browsing trends, as well as behavior across all devices. In short, Kentico is a powerful tool in personalizing consumer content and to ensure that marketing strategies are formulated with the consumers in mind.

Clavax Technologies is web development company California that has been consistently delivering technology solutions across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. The company particularly excels in the creation of mobile and web application development; the system architecture of which is flexible, robust and scalable. Furthermore, being a Kentico Gold partner, the company has a certified team for Kentico development.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Swift Mobile App Development

Mobile app stores have hit a record high volume of downloads and an example to this statement can be borrowed from the Apple App Store. A ComScore report states that the available 1.2 million applications in the iOS app store occupy 42% of the market in terms of installations. Besides these impressive numbers, mobile development is set to become all the more lucrative with the launch of Swift, a multi-paradigm programming language. The language utilizes the Objective-C runtime in the XCODE IDE; works effectively with frameworks like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, besides being able to work parallel with Objective-C.

This blog post has been created with the intention of highlighting some of the major features of working with Swift while developing mobile applications by the iPhone app development company California.
  • Swift uses the LLVM compiler that transforms the source code into optimized native codes for enhanced performance on devices powered by the iOS operating system.
  • The language has been designed to be inherently secure and resilient to errors with the use of inferred types. These patterns are also tuned for efficient integration using Cocoa as well as Cocoa Touch APIs.
  • It is also more concise and has a clean syntax as compared to Objective-C. Developers working with Swift do not have to worry about memory management as it is automatically handled.
  • Debugging in Swift is handled through an REPL (Run-Eval-Print loop), the performance of which is further enhanced with a highly interactive “Playground” view running in the XCODE IDE.
It will be a while before programming in Swift becomes mainstream and replaces Objective-C as the standard iPhone app development language. But until then, mobile application development requirements, with Swift, can be fulfilled by partnering with technology outsourcing partners.

Clavax Technologies is an iPhone app development company California, offering services in creating highly innovative as well as interactive mobile applications using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Structured for Knowledge: Big Data Storage

At the current rate of growth, enterprise data is set to increase 50 times by the year 2020 while the digital universe is set to explode to 40 zettabytes from the present 3.2 zettabytes. The storage structures utilized for collecting, storing and analyzing such huge volumes of digital content would require flexible as well as scalable infrastructure. Although these records are largely unstructured, an organization also has infinite structured sets of raw records. The information storage structures like relational databases and tables have long passed, giving way to the use of hyperscale computing environments, capable of storing and scaling depending on the data influx. These computing environments are usually designed to run analytics engines like NoSQL, Hadoop, and Cassandra. Typically equipped with PCIe flash storage, hyperscale computation is deployed either in combination with disk or stand-alone storage in the server, so as to maintain storage latency to the minimum.

A hyperscale computing environment comprises numerous commodity servers equipped with direct-attached storage (DAS), which is utilized by most large-scale enterprises for managing their records.  Besides their storage capacity and scalability, hyperscales also have computational capabilities that include fast response times for large sets of information. But for organizations that do not require too much computational speed, as well as scalable storage, clustered or scale-out Network-attached storage (NAS) is quite an effective solution. Furthermore, there is another big data storage option that can specifically tackle large and quantifiable number of files is the Object Storage. This storage media can scale large files and that too to very high capacities.

Based in California, Clavax offers technology services and solutions for mobile, software, and web app development. As a web application development company California, the company has a global clientele, functioning in diverse segments of the industry. Besides offering design & development services, the technology consultants in the company also offer valuable insights into Big Data and analytics solutions.