Friday, May 26, 2017

Will AI Change the Future of Web Development?

The web has become an inevitable part of our lives over the years with the high usage of websites for our day-to-day tasks. We use the web for tasks like shopping, booking tickets, paying bills, buying groceries and much more. Living in the era of the advanced digital world, we expect personalization at every level with better predictability.
The web development firms should be well acquainted with the latest trends & tricks that are currently used in the market to come up with the users’ demands. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such topic we cannot ignore while talking about the development of the apps. Before going further, if you are looking for California Web Developers, ensure that they have strong knowledge about AI. Now, let us see how AI will change the future of web development in the years to come. 

Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Web Apps

As per the research conducted by Bloomberg Business, 2015 was the breakthrough year in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Since then, the rate of developments based on AI is increasing with time. New learning algorithms and AI programs are being built to overcome new problems faced during the web development phase. Google DeepMind developed a first program, AlphaGo that even beat the professional Go player. Big brands like Google, Microsoft and Facebook are making use of AI concept in serving the users better with the new services. The AI technology is being used in applications like Google for enhanced search experience and Wikipedia for identifying damaged or inaccurate articles.
The AI technology is becoming more practical, affordable and easier to access, which we why more and more developers are using AI for the development purpose. AI-enabled Apps will be able to find and apply updates for further improvements rather than relying on humans. With the AI vision, the developers won’t have to put efforts on the technical process since the automation of web development process is possible. Instead, they can focus more on creative aspects & enhance the user experience. To get the best web services with AI, hire the ideal Web Development Company California & stay ahead of your competitors.

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