Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to secure your business data and mobile apps

Are you worried about the security of your mobile apps? Well, you need to concern, a report by Gartner revealed that more than 75% mobile applications will fail the basic security tests through 2015.
The major reason behind this apprehension is- people download apps from popular app stores that can access all the data on their phones, be it business data or some other crucial data, offer a negligible security assurance and a significant risk.

Enterprises do need to focus on data protection and application containment solutions to improvise their overall business security. This might sound a bit difficult, but with an assortment of correct security solutions in place, you can ensure the security of your business data and mobile apps!

Let’s talk about the mobile apps’ security first, MOBILE APP AUDITS ARE NECESSARY to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, so hurry, security audit mobile apps for all applicable platforms: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry! Don’t forget to identify these factors when you plan for a security audit:
  • What resources are being handled by the mobile application
  • What type of information the mobile devices store
  • What information is being transmitted
When you security audit mobile apps, each application requires a different level of security and criticality, and thus there are various security analysis techniques that audit may embrace- mobile app analysis, mobile app data transmission security analysis, and endpoint security analysis.

Here’s a checklist of what all you get embraced in a mobile app audit:
  • Application unpacking in accordance with its format (APK, IPA, ALX, JAD, XAP) 
  • Detection of protectors and code jammers 
  • Source code audit and analysis
  • Analysis of information stored in the mobile app 
  • Analysis of the platform storage mechanisms 
  • App data access protection mechanisms 
  • External content load or execution
With a sheer understanding of the need of security auditing your mobile apps, let’s give you some astounding information to secure crucial enterprise data.

Say yes to Apache Flink- The 4G of big data analytics solutions for a faster data streaming! Apache Flink is the fastest big data processing tool and it is known to process big data with low latency and high fault tolerance on distributed systems on a large scale. Here’s how Apache Flink surpasses Apache Spark:
  • Flink has got incredible ability to process streaming data in real time, while Spark processes data in batch mode.
  • Flink can process rows after rows of data in real time, while Spark processes chunks of data, known as RDDs.
  • Flink automatically adapts to diverse datasets, while Spark needs to manual partitioning and caching.

  • Flink follows a distributed data flow approach and provides intermediate results on its data processing, while Spark follows a procedural programming system.
We’re sure that Apache Flink will definitely be in your mind whenever you next think of latest big data analytics solutions.

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