Friday, June 30, 2017

Compelling Ways to Engage More Customers for Loyalty

Though building customer loyalty isn't easy as child’s play, but it's totally worth the effort. Most of the startups cannot afford to reach more users due to high customer acquisition costs (CAC). It does not matter how high your CAC is if you make your customers spend more money justifying the CAC invested. And that is where many companies lack. Since Customer retention is essential for every business, using Loyalty Programs for Customers
will help in making existing customers come back for more purchases.
Keeping your customers engaged is beneficial since they are the only ones that deliver three times the brand value over the years. The study says engaged users spend 60% more per transaction, make 90% more purchases frequently and are likely to purchase five more times in the future. Here are some of the effective ways to engage customers for loyalty:
  • Reward your Customers actions
One of the finest ways to engage users is to reward them for their healthy actions or decisions by giving them extra points not just for purchases but for activities like fitness workouts, running or quitting smoke.
  • Personalize the User Experience
Analyzing customers’ needs by tracking their behavior helps in measuring loyalty with the personalized experience. Personalization for different users having specific and unique requirements makes the users feel valued and makes them harder to switch the brand.
  • Understand Emotional Value
Building an emotional relationship with your customers can be helpful in making them stay longer with your brand. Most of the companies believe that emotions are the part of their customer experience that will impact customer loyalty.
  • Show Your Gratitude
It’s always a great way to engage your customers by thanking them for their purchases. However, show your gratitude by sending physical gifts like flowers, handwritten notes, cupcakes, etc. rather than just sending Thank you mail.
  • Use Omnichannel Strategy
Giving your customers 24/7 access to the brands through multiple channels like smartphones, desktops, tablets or social media helps in delivering desired info at a right time. It facilitates brand communication and helps in boosting revenue.
The main motive of customer engagement is to build a stronger connection with the brand. If you want to achieve the success in your business, hire the right Web Application Development Company that will build app considering your customers first.

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