Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How Mobile Apps Drive Sales & Marketing through Big Data?

There is no denial in the fact that Big Data is taking the world by storm and transforming the way businesses work with their data. With thousands of mobile apps developed every year, data associated with them are also increasing exponentially. Mobile industries need to analyze large volumes of unstructured data to extract relevant & meaningful information for the business insights. That is where Big Data comes into action. Almost every Mobile App Company
are already making use of Big Data in the apps for brand recognition & marketing. Let’s find out how mobile apps use Big Data to drive sales and marketing.

Ways Big Data is revolutionizing Marketing & Sales

Mobile apps have become an essential part of any business and Big Data is helping them in validating plans to commit better sales. Here are some of the ways through which apps boost the sales & marketing using Big Data:

  • Understand Users across the globe
Building an app for international audience requires proper understanding of details on how users from different locations will respond to the mobile app. Big Data analyze usability matrix and latest consumer trends from the targeted areas to plan better approach for developing an app that works perfectly with all the users.
  • In-app Purchase
One of the best ways to monetize the mobile app and drive sales is in-app purchase feature. However, it is important to extract information & decide which purchase format is suitable for your app. Analyzing data and in-app purchases offered by other similar apps operating on the same model will be helpful to deliver better customer experience & boost the sales.
  • Analyze Market trend
To ensure that the app being developed is sustainably unique and acceptable in the market, it is necessary to check out the market crowding regarding similar apps. It will retrieve all the information that is required to build an app, different from what already exists. This will help in developing the app with exclusive features, thereby enhances the sales.
  • Target Marketing
For the app to regularly keep in touch with users in a region, it is essential to go for target area marketing using local databases. It not only helps in effectively performing any SEO activities but also boosts the company sales, as the user gets notifications for offers and updates timely. This is very beneficial for local targeted users marketing.
  • Greater Customer Insights
With changing requirements and market preferences over the time, it is important for a business to understand customers’ opinions and behaviors. Mining out data from purchases, ratings, reviews & recommendations will help in analyzing their opinions over services & products to drive more conversions for their apps.

After discussing the points above, one thing is clear that data plays an important role in driving sales and marketing. If you are thinking to develop or upgrade your existing app, make the best use of Big Data. With several Big Data Software Companies available today, ensure that you choose the right one that will enhance the sales and marketing of your business.

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